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Mercury Goes Retrograde In The Sign Of Aries, March – April 2018: A Lot Of Commotion For The Aries

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by Conscious Reminder

A planet moves in retrograde when it looks like it is moving in reverse from the way we see it from Earth. It’s not really receding; it just looks like it is. Mercury does this a few times each year and the phenomenon continues for more than a month. In this period, the traits inspired by this planet also change.

We will be able to truly the consequences of Mercury’s reversal when the storm begins (18/3 – 29/3, 7/4 – 24/4). This is the time when Mercury is moving very slowly as opposed to its usual speed. This occurs when Mercury starts to move in reverse, and again when it goes back to normal.

The shadow period of Mercury retrograde (9/3 – 3/5) occurs when Mercury reaches the location in the Zodiac from when it will become retrograde and again when it reaches the location where it turns direct.

The first time this happens in 2018, Mercury will be controlled by Aries with all its fire and fury. This can make us lose patience and force us to leap before we get a chance to take a look, resulting in conflict.

Don’t be worried about missing out because you didn’t take that risk. Take a moment to think about things before you get into them. Many accidents occur in this period because of people being impulsive so be extra cautious.

Since Aries also signifies war, we will see a surge in the number of conflicts taking place, especially because Uranus is also present in Aries (2/3 – 22/3), but not in alignment with Mercury.

We need to maintain patience, avoid conflicts and find productive ways to take out rage and frustration. Focus on work and think about things that make you stay positive. Consider your words carefully before you speak them out.

The retrograde will also begin with the Moon aligning with Gemini (22/3 – 24/3). This can lead to a lot miscommunication we need to mind what we speak and listen very carefully. When the retrograde is ending, the Moon will move to Aries so there will only be more fire, more anger and more frustration.

The Moon will also spend some time in Virgo (28/3 – 30/3). Since Mercury rules Virgo as well as Gemini, there will be difficulties in this period as well, especially with matters regarding day-to-day living and health.

However, the hardest time will occur when it is time for the Libran Blue Moon (31/3). The moon will like in direct opposition to Mercury retrograde and square with Saturn which will then lie in Capricorn.

There will be an intense upsurge of energy which we will need to handle with caution. Try to be more helpful and comforting in this period. Create stronger emotional bonds that will help withstand the effect of the energy.

Mercury squaring with Mars in Capricorn (4/5/18) will be time full of irritation and rage. Focus on work but be cautious in order to avoid accidents.

Mercury squaring with Saturn in Capricorn on the next day can make us feel claustrophobic and give way to further frustration. Breathe and let go. The alignment of Mercury with the Sun before all this is a positive phenomenon and a good time to start a new venture.

Since the retrograde begins and ends in Aries, those belonging to that sign will feel the effect more than the others. The rest of you will have to consult your charts and see where you lie. It will be a less difficult time for you but it will also not be easy.

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