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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ever Go Back To Your Ex

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by Conscious Reminder

Missing someone can be really hard as it may entirely throw off our own judgment. In fact, everything will become concentrated on this person.

Usually, people claim that absence will make our hearts grow fonder; however, giving in that type of power in order to immobilize and dictate us is going to leave us empty-handed and miserable.

Before we think about getting back with our ex, these are the four reasons why we should resist our need to do that:

Some people get back to their exes, but how much examples are actually there?

Although we have seen this happening before, it doesn’t happen so often. Our friend, or a person that we know, experienced a really bad breakup, but after that, he or she realized that his or her ex is the right one, they renewed their relationships, made an enormous wedding ceremony after that, and lived happily forever.

However, just one example isn’t anything big. Maybe this particular couple was an exception. More commonly, people get back together in order to realize every problem they actually had right before they separated.

If he still treats her without any respect, or she refuses to actually pay for everything, it means that the problems which caused their breakup will never change.

Anything else has changed, but getting back together will often cause the replay of the reasons their separated. This will inevitably lead them to break up again.

Think about the reasons why it did not work out.

We should consider every reason for our breakup. We should think about the problems we had with our ex.

When we find ourselves considering if we should revive old fires with our ex, we should think about the things that brought us to that edge. We should ask ourselves why our relationship hit the wall.

Usually, time will make us completely forget the bad things about someone, and remember only the good ones. However, we should remember that we broke up for a specific reason. We should consider that reason before we make this step.

Increased levels of jealousy.

One comfortable reality related to this is that, after we get back to our ex after some time, the chances are he or she was intimate with another person during that period.

Maybe they just dated several times, or maybe their affair was lengthy. When that is actually the case, we aren’t permitted to ask any question, or not permitted to care.

When he or she slept with a friend while attempting to simply get over us, we should simply deal with that, as we were not in their mind during that time.

If this sounds like some fun to us, we are probably dishonest, because it is a really unpleasant thing, probably the least pleasant one in this world.

We should get ready for an everlasting spiral of suspicion and jealousy. We are gradually going to turn into paranoid maniacs, and we will not really like ourselves. There was definitely a specific reason for initiating the breakup, so getting back together will not be the ideal solution either.

We might think that we miss them; however, we simply miss the familiarity.

We may feel thrown off and disoriented because of this sudden change. We forgot how it feels to spend some time by ourselves. We aren’t used to that silence which is in our own heads. So, we are naturally going to miss the familiarity we have known the whole time. This is some kind of painful feeling.

It would be normal to permit ourselves to miss a person as it is our natural way of coping with stress and shock of separation. However, there might be a time when we start indulging in all that.

In such cases, we should ensure to keep ourselves away from doing something impulsive, like sending messages, or even telling our exes that we miss them. The truth may be that we actually don’t miss them.

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