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A Spiritual Healer Is Only A Mediator, Not An Almighty Creature

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Spiritual healing is one of the most subtle disciplines. 

The subtlety lies in the fact that a healer doesn’t have to do anything. Actually, he/she is not the one doing the healing, because the healer is not the source of the divine energy. The healing process is simply aided by this person; the healer is only a mediator.

As a matter of fact, the best thing a healer can do during the healing process is to forget about him-/herself. Being a good healer means not being at all.

The less there is of you, the better and more efficient the treatment. The more there is of the healer, the more impeded the energy flow. God is the healer, or better said, the Wholeness.

The word ‘healing’ shares the same root with the word ‘wholeness’. All these words: ‘whole’, ‘health’, ‘healing’, ‘holy’, etc. have the same origin.

Healing means fallowing the Wholeness. To be sick means to be separated from the Wholeness.

A sick person is a person who has set obstacles between him-/herself and the Wholeness, and this is why the communication between the two is interrupted. The ultimate goal of the healing process is to restore this link.

However, when I say that the ultimate goal of a healing treatment is to restore the connection between the patient and the Wholeness, I am not saying that healing will always work.

Again, the healer is only a bridge that allows the energy to flow through his/her body and hands to reach the person who needs healing. Everything is done by God, the Divine Spirit, the Wholeness.

Healing is like breathing – completely natural. If a person is sick, it means that he or she lost the ability to self-heal. He/ She no more feels the source of the healing energy.

The healer only helps such person rediscover this source. It’s actually the same source which the healer draws his/her energy from, it’s just that the sick person has forgotten the language that the Wholeness uses to communicate with us.

The healer ‘speaks’ with the Wholeness. That’s why he/she is able to be a mediator. The healer positions his/her hands over/on specific areas on the patient’s body, thus becoming a bridge between him/her and the source.

The patient has lost the direct connection with the Source, so what actually the healing treatment is doing for him/her, is creating a link indirectly, through a mediator.

Once the healing energy has started flowing through the mediator’s body and hands, the healing process is taking place.

To sum it all up, I would deeply recommend reconsidering your attitude towards spiritual and holistic healers.

None of them are miracle workers. It’s true that they have helped many but you need to realize that their ‘powers’ are actually the powers of the Wholeness, God, the Divine Spirit or whatever you want to call the power that gives life to all of us. 

Adapted from Rumi’s teachings. 

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