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Have Your Poor Choices Been Hindering Your Success?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

You have probably noticed that those problems which you have, will constantly repeat themselves in your work or your relationships.

Perhaps you are a person that continually regains the weight which you have lost or you have the levels of blood sugar managed just for a short time and then, they inevitably go out of the order once again.

Perhaps you also experience some bullying by colleagues or your boss all the time, or you invariably choose a partner or friends that mistreat you.

Why those same problems regularly reoccur in professional and personal life?

The answer of this question is straightforward and simple: repeatedly making those same bad and unreasonable choices.

Well, how can you actually solve this problem, given the answer? The solution can also be quite simple, and however, it will take some work.

In order to finally come out of those repeating problematic things and situations in life, a person has to make choices with the use of his or her brain which is reasonable, logical and practical, opposite to that part which is irrational, impractical, impulsive, as well as self-critical.

For instance, think that your brain is divided into three parts: adult, parent, and child. The first part, the adult one, is actually the part which is rational, and logical, and its decisions make great sense too.

On the other hand, the part of the child is the one who is impulsive and primitive, and its decisions are about everything that it familiar, easier, or what also feels best currently. The part of parents is actually the critical voice which tells you the things that you are supposed to do and it is the one who is filling you with some shame, guilt, self-doubt, and obligation.

When the parent or the child part is responsible for choices making, you will create problems all the time. The role of the child takes the most comfortable and easiest path all the time, choosing all those same things repeatedly, as it is what it only knows, as well as what feels easy for them.

The part of the parent will strip away the confidence in you and will also undermine the sense of self-worth, so you will base your choices on avoiding failure and rejection instead of pursuing success and connection.

When the part of the parent is responsible, you will feel inadequate and insecure, making choices out of avoidance and fear all the time, instead of bringing the best from yourself to the process of making decisions.

Solution: make the part of the adult the chief of making decisions.

Simply as you will not like a five-year-old kid to run your businesses, or your critical parents to run your own life, you will have the need of your best part to be responsible for every choice you make.

You can do that by silencing the undermining and critical part of the parent and also put the child part in the proper place. The process of making the adult responsible for everything and bringing it to the front, helping you make the best decisions, may need some time before accomplishing completely.

Also, being stuck in the process of making bad and unreasonable choices, or even problematic ones, you may ask for some help.

For example, you can engage a coach, therapist or counselor in order to aid you in consolidating the practical, as well as the rational part of the adult as the part that will make some significant choices in this  whole lifetime. 

Regardless of the time, it will take, or the expense and effort, enabling you always to make right choices, the ones that will bring you success and happiness in professional and personal life too, will be entirely worth.

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