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Traits Of Walk-In Souls: Are You A Lightworker Walk-In?

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by Conscious Reminder

The walk-in soul is a phenomenon which becomes more common since the lightworkers’ era gets into its full swing.

Are you or another one close to you a walk-in soul? Have you ever wondered about what you should search for at the time you start doubting that you may be a walk-in soul?

There are some souls of that type which are more difficult to notice than other souls, but they all share common characteristics.

Walk-in souls – what are they?

There are times when one soul wants to go out. In fact, it is quite a sad fact; however, there are people who find themselves living a life which they never wanted to live, and it may become unbearable.

So, when there is unbearable suffering or that person is also quite emotional, usually not being conscious of anything else, the soul will be left unguarded, permitting another being to walk in.

This is particularly true for those that had some near-death or traumatic physical accident. When it comes to lightworkers, they will be ok, however not every walk-in is a lightworker.

In fact, they may be some malicious monsters which turn that human being that was once happy into a toy or puppet for the depraved and destructive enjoyment they possess.

A person can never be conscious of such a contract. They are going to feel just like they became a completely new person.

What are the common characteristics that walk-in souls possess?

As both of the souls who are involved are authentic every time, not a single walk-in is going to have every characteristic. But, having just one or maybe two is definitely not enough for saying for sure.

If the majority of the things below apply to someone around you or to you, it can mean that you are a walk-in soul:

An entirely new person: It seems that overnight, every one of us becomes a completely new person. Their passions changed, they hold themselves in a different way, and they have their near-death experience. For example, we can experience a close call which makes us face our mortality.

Change in the attitude: there is something about this process of walk-in which actually promotes opposites, which means that a person changed from the shy introvert into the social extrovert, all that very quickly.

Suffering blackouts: There are memories which you are aware that you need to have, but they may be unclear or missing, particularly about something immediately before that walk-in.

Losing deep anxieties and fears: Something that scared you in your past cannot do that anymore. Moreover, you can see that some new fears are watching over you, and they are new.

The interests you also had changed, some old passions faded away, and now you are full with enthusiasm for something new.

Start seeing for lightworker symptoms.

Reading this may make you a lightworker. Any other person that is taken over by a demon is not going to be interested in all this.

Wanderlust: The walk-in souls are actually not connected with the previous soul of their body, so a lot of them move quickly, beginning new lives.

Usually, this starts while traveling, when the walk-in soul finally finds its different and new home.

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