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An Equinox Is Coming! Calculate Your Personal Year Number And See What It Reveals About You

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September is the month when we are halfway through the cycle of 12 zodiacs, an Equinox comes and it holds the vibration of number 9. In numerology, it means September is the only month of the year when the energies are intensified.

So, Calculate your Personal Year Number first and find out what September 2017 will bring to you.


For Example: my birthday is December 21th

Reduce the numbers down to single digits: 12 (month) becomes: 1+2=3

21 (day) becomes: 2+1=3 (if it’s higher than 1 digit number, say 2+9=11, then you add 1+1=2)

Then add these two numbers together to get: 3+3=6

You then want to add this number to 1 (as 2017 is a number 1 year): 6+1=7

(Reduce your number down if you get double digits)

This gives you a personal number of 7

Basically, you are breaking down your month and day of birth into single digits and then adding it to 1 in order to get your personal number for 2017.


It’s a good month for your career, so you can aim high. It will bring new beginnings and your path will take new directions. However, keep walking on your path. Don’t take a step backward to match the crowd. Be yourself, know yourself and trust your instincts. This month will bring you progress if you stay on the path.


If you have been searching for a partner this year, this is the month you want to settle things. Whether you want a partner in your life or for your business, you should go for it. September is a social month for you. You will meet people and might venture with many. You can spread your network. However, if you are still confused, you should slow down and look for what you really want.


This is the perfect month for you to do what you want. Plan a trip, start something new in your life, confess your feelings for someone or clear things out with someone, you should do it right now. Don’t wait. This month is in your favor. Open up, express yourself and plan things you have been postponing.


It’s a good month for people who love their family and home. You can clear up issues, if any. Plan a family reunion. Not only in family, but if you want to clear things up with others, this is a good time. Lift the weight of your chest. Possibly, this year has brought a lot of changes for you. This month’s energy will help you adjust yourself to them. You can also think about redecorating your home.


This year, possibly, changed the way you saw the world. You might still be adjusting to it. But this month will prove to be highly creative. Change your schedule and try new things. Think out of the box. Since, things have changed for you, be open-minded and accept new things. Engage yourself in different activities to channel your excessive energy. Also, this month is perfect for starting a love life.


For you, September is the month to work a powerful combination of mind, body and spirit. Practise yoga, meditation or any other activity that involves all three of them. Most likely, this year brought a lot of changes and gave you a chance to rethink some stuff. Now, you should slow down and rest. Give yourself sometime to realize what you actually have. Don’t hurry for anything. Relax and analyse. Things will find a way around.


To compensate the busy year you had, September comes with new opportunities. It’s a good time for you to look into your career. Try at higher levels. Seek for a change. The energy of this month may overwhelm you. So you might feel emotional and you might have intuitive insights. Despite the busy schedule, keep your inner-self in check.


September is the month of discoveries for you. You will discover your inner power and potential. Your talent will unfold and you will learn new things. Empower yourself against your enemies. Take control of your life. Don’t let others dominate you. Also, this month is good for your finances.


This year has brought you so many changes that you are still confused. New things are introduced but old things should be forgotten. Don’t worry. This month is for relaxation. As you go forward things will get on track. Don’t let the changes overshadow you. Forget the future and stress and live in the moment.

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