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Light Vs. Dark Tantra: How New-Age Tantra Gives Us A Wrong Perspective Of What Sacred S*x Is

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Not all kinds of s*x can be classified as Sacred S*x even though many people would want you to think differently.

The energy created during the Sexual act is immensely powerful and depending whether it is positive or negative, it feeds forces which border on the occult. A lot of misinterpretations are being made popular by many people in the same of Sacred s*x.

Sacred s*x is supposed to help people work through a lot of physical and emotional blockages. It also helps people get over trauma and guilt and any other kind of sexual wounds.

But, as is often the case with many Spiritual practices, only a few people are practicing what is good and wholesome and most of the rest are being misled into thinking that Sacred S*x is about reaching the heights of your sexual prowess.

It is not really about being able to reach multiple number of orgasms or anything similar that people might crave. It goes beyond the ideas of physical love or the mundane meaning of love.

It is important that you pick your partner very carefully. The reason goes beyond morality or societal norms. You share your energy with someone at an extremely intimate level.

If you do not choose this partner with great caution; your aural energies connect with the other person’s and even though you might shrug it off as a one night stand, this connection of energies is potent enough to leave a lot of Spiritual garbage.

One thing we keep reiterating is that s*x goes beyond what appears on the surface. But many people distort the Spiritual significance of this union and peddle their own twisted notions of s*x and sexual energy. It is of utmost importance to keep yourself educated in what it really means.

The times that we are living in are capitalist to the extreme. Hence people have no qualms about misrepresenting and misusing teachings which are thousands of years old. Same was the case with yoga and so it is now with Tantric S*x.

Down the ages there have been so many misconceptions about what Tantric s*x really means that its essence has nearly been missed out entirely. People take the shield of Tantric Spirituality to make excuses for their addiction to s*x; which is not at all healthy.

Here is how to know the difference between light and dark tantra:

  1. Always be open to learning and evolving your concepts of spirituality and tantric s*x. Be conscious of the higher truth you are chasing especially when you are also responsible for others.
  2. Humility and vulnerability is going to be your one true companion on this journey. Without these you will never be able to let go of your misconceptions.
  3. Never be rigid about the changes you will have to accept. If you keep a closed mind, you will be rejecting so many things without even learning about them.

Be always conscious of the truth you are seeking. Never lose sight of your true focus and always stay true to yourself.

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