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Tonight’s Aries New Moon Will Ignite The Fire Within

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by Conscious Reminder

April 1 will see the Aries New Moonrise, enhancing the sign’s determination and courageousness.

This is the true beginning of the astrological New Year. The energy of this New Moon will give birth to a roaring inner fire. It will be a source of inspiration to forge paths boldly.

Experts say that this is when we will gain pure clarity as to the things that give us unbridled happiness. We will also learn about the things that encourage us to express ourselves.

This is the time to start chasing the wildest of our dreams. The Aries new moon’s ultra-potent energy will be backing us all the way.

A Time For Fresh Starts

Those who are somewhat familiar with astrology will know that a new moon is a period for clean slates and new beginnings. And, because of Aries’ influence, the energies will be particularly intense.

Experts say that this is the most ideal time for planting seeds of intentions. Projects that are started during this period have a great possibility of succeeding.

When Aries is at its greatest vibration, the sign is an unapologetic leader, always willing to charge towards its goals. During this period, we should try to nurture this archetype in our hunt for our dazzling goals.

The Sun, for its part, loves to be in Aries, and it remains one of the best periods for being an initiator. However, experts also warn that we should be a bit careful during this Aries New Moon.

This lunation may well encourage us to try out new things and leap into daring possibilities. However, at times, taking decisions on an impulse may not have the best results.

Experts say that Aries is a harmonious and good place as a house for the Sun, especially since it is one of the fire signs. As such, the burning, hot Sun finds it a natural home.

Thus, it is also favorable for the burning creative spirit, rational minds, and the will of a person. However, for the moist and cool Moon, which is the ruler of our emotions and prefers a quiet and comfortable place, Aries is far too abrasive and harsh.

The Involvement Of The Other Planets

The Aries New Moon will also form a sextile with Saturn and Mars. These two alignments suggest rewards may come our way provided we work hard enough and deep enough at healing.

Together, these two planets are closely connected with achievements over the long term. So whatever progress that we make now in regards to healing, will affect other aspects of our lives.

More particularly, the connection between Mars and the Moon will be a good mental energy source. It may provide us with the willpower required to take on issues we usually would not have been able to.

Mercury’s involvement with this lunation is also noteworthy as it will make the period a great chance for expressing our most hidden sentiments.

However, Aries is one of the more passionate signs. So we must be careful of saying things on impulse. Moreover, since the lunation is taking place on April Fool’s Day, we should be extra wary. Be careful of the extent of your pranks and always react if you do not like what is going on.

In conclusion, this lunation is an upbeat and positive one that will make our confidence soar. Channel the new sense of purpose into action steps. Make bold self-expression or embark on some adventure!

This is the period to break out of any kind of rut that you may have been in recently. Spend time experiencing life’s beauty.

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