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What If You And Your Twin Flame Don’t Share The Same Destiny?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

It wouldn’t go amiss to say that life is all about choosing different paths and making the best out of it.

With that said, it wouldn’t also be wrong to highlight that various twin flames are living multi-facetious lives that have no relation to each other. Does that mean they wouldn’t meet up with each other, at any one point in time? No.

Let’s just put it out there- life, love, and the concept of existence is based on the notion of fate. One can’t really expect to be getting everything they desire for, until it is written in their fate. Similarly, when we place that equation with respect to twin flames, we get the same result.

“They are souls who meet in a moment and come to share with a short fragment of time, months or even unforgettable years. However, like a house of cards, everything can be eventually destroyed by the wind”. 

Everything comes with an expiry date. We might love with the notion of it being forever and eternal, but that would never be the case. Love, like everything else, is fleeting.

This means, that while we may hold onto it with our sheer will, and strength, it would leave us. While we love alone, it won’t ever be that easy to have a genuine relationship simply based on that. It needs a lot more than just that.

Next, we need to develop the notion of taking risks when in love. For a life without risks is akin to nothing. While we may lose something when we take a risk, it also means that the very act of losing, would make us gain something.

Something that would enable us to walk the walk of life without any problems. This also applies in the case of relationships, where neither of the partners are in anyway perfect, but they still manage to make the most out of it. For, perfect love is a myth.

Sometimes, love brings forth suffering, and doesn’t leave us with any solution to end it. What could be the reason behind this? Lack of communication? Immaturity? Understanding? A lot of skeletons could come out of the closet, if one started digging.

At times, you might come across people who would look perfect. People, who would be in sync with what you want, with what you could offer. People, you would have a lot in common with. But circumstances would force them out of your lives, out of your very existence. What does that leave you with? Your own self. Work on it, for one who loves themselves, would love others.

You want your relationship with your twin flame be akin to a fairy tale. But that doesn’t happen. You expect every aspect of your relationship to be perfect, and with no stone left unturned. But that wouldn’t happen either. What you can do, is keep taking risks, and never stop hoping. For one who stops hoping, sees no joy, no love, nothing.

Taking risks isn’t without its thorns. But those thorns would heal after a day or two. You would be left with this sweet taste in your mouth that you took up something, and whether it be successful or not, you won’t have to live your life with regrets. We all have undergone the concept of unrequited love that brings with itself this regret of not going the extra step.

In conclusion, we can assert the fact that there is no love, without risk. Courage brings forth rewards that can go beyond our wildest dreams.

What is left to be seen is if you are willing to go the extra mile with someone, even if their fate could possibly be different from yours.

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