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Astrology Forecast: What Does January Have In Store For You

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

2018 is the year for far reaching changes and our evolution as a species. And in that process the first month is going to be monumental in itself.

This is the time when polar opposites would start coming together; the tangible and the intangible will together make sense. The whole world is about to embark on a journey of change and development and this time is very crucial as the world’s future hang in the balance. Established houses of power will have to move with the changes or give way to the new order.

January will put in fast forward motion what tremendous ascension the combined consciousness is to experience. 2018 will see the Yin taking control back from Yang, a time for the feminine to finally triumph over the masculine.

The evolution will be at the level of the personal, community and the world as well. This time will prove to be exceptionally lethal for established structures which don’t have any solid base, without any concrete believes.

Venus conjunct Pluto will bring about a time for Personal evolution and change; time to establish self identity and agency. The Venus will slowly rise and make way for personal agency and initiative.

The Venus star point also has the Chandra symbol. This means that your destiny will take a turn for the magnanimous. Prepare yourself for some larger than life changes in your path. There is a lot of learning to be done and things to explore.

And it will help you to tap into your unexplored potential. And all this change will be made possible by the self drive which will keep you determined and motivated to stick to the decisions you have made.

This is the time for us to introspect and test whether we want to accept the truths as presented to us or are we ready to question the reality we have been served. The events in the global scale might seem distant but will affect you on a deeply personal level.

2017 was the time to open yourself up to new ideas and technologies for your spiritual upliftment. 2018 is the time when all this new found knowledge has to be put in practice. This will also be a time to make some tough decisions; you will no longer have the option for choosing what’s most comfortable.

This is the time to finally let go of the inertia which has made you incapable of taking action so far. Distance yourself from people who are all about the talking and not action. Surround yourself with people who can teach you and help you bring about a positive change. Look for things you are good at and then excel at them. Acknowledge the resources you have hidden deep within you and utilize them. Look for your skills, be they financial management, or Spiritual excellence.

Whatever it is, find it and use it to help other around you. Find out the reason for your being and spend your energies into making them a reality.

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