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Neptune Retrograde: Manifesting Your Desires

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by Conscious Reminder

On 21st June, the Neptune Retrograde begins at 18°43′ Pisces. It will continue to stay retrograde until 27th November at 15°55′ Pisces.

Your disappointments will get tested when Jupiter squares Neptune. There is a scheduled sextile between Saturn and Neptune which brings a bit of reality to ward off delusion or irrational dreams. It might be the thing that you need to set you on a realistic path.


Neptune retrograde is quite a common one and it is not as moving as retrogrades of inner planets like Venus and Mercury. There is a Neptune retrograde in about 40% of the population.

However, it does come with a dose of karmic repercussion. Neptune tends to activate our escapist tendencies. And so, if we had a bad past life full of torture and disgrace, Neptune will bring us the need to escape from it.

It’s a kind of pain reliever since there are certain spiritual pains which get stuck to our DNA. The aspect is similar to the Roman Catholic Church. It is still strong and powerful but it has a dark past behind – of executions and wrongful conquests.

However, this escapism is a bit strong too. When we are ill, we like to get more and more sympathy on our side. We tend to activate our victim side. And quite often, as we escape, we isolate ourselves.

A bit of power abuse prodded by the Pluto retrograde and a bit of guilt brought upon you by the Saturn retrograde makes it worse.

Neptune Retrograde Going In Transit

Neptune retrogrades going in transit generally tend to last for about 160 days each year. Yet again, the impact is much lower in this case, when compared to the inner planets.

Neptune retrograde transits can result in anxieties getting internalized as we confront reality. Reality is often disappointing and will make you feel like your dreams are getting snatched away.

You may have believed in true love but now, you have to accept that it is too much of a fantasy. The more you have run away from the truth, the more will it shock you as it arrives.

It can be even more painful if you have used alcohol or drugs as a means of your escape. But because of this Neptune Retrograde, you will not have an intervention session. The retrograde itself will make you realize your fault. That makes it more painful.

You might come across an event that will trigger some old memory – a painful one at that. Neptune might thrive by making a victim out of you, but retrograde puts you at fault and makes you realize your error.

You may feel anxious as well as humiliated. Due to internalizing this fear, you will end up withdrawing from society and becoming a loner. Counseling and self-help books might be helpful during this phase.

Even your phobias might resurface and become more powerful. Escapist conspiracy theories are getting debunked – you have nothing to hold on to. If you are feeling sick – go for a second opinion. There are chances of misdiagnosis during this period.


This year on 21st June, Neptune will go retrograde while Jupiter will square Neptune and Saturn will sextile Neptune. There are major aspects at work here.

Saturn sextile Neptune

During this aspect, you will be full of self-belief and faith in yourself. Go down the right path, be wise and don’t cut shortcuts. You might have to make small sacrifices, but they will help you in the long-run. Understand whatever limitations you have – work within them. Be sensible in how you approach things in life.

Jupiter square Neptune

This will make you embarrassed and question yourself. Don’t get too optimistic during this phase. Also, don’t make grand escapes like gambling, alcohol or engaging with cults. Trust your loved ones and their advice. However, the dose of reality that Saturn sextile Neptune brings will take away a bit of delusion that Jupiter brings. Trust it.

Let’s hope you make it through the Neptune retrograde without losing faith. Best of luck.

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