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How To Unlock The Powers Of Your Heart Chakra

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by Conscious Reminder

You’ll find your heart chakra right in the middle of your chest.

This is the energy that controls how you deal with love. If it is in a perfect balance, you can be sure that you will receive eternal love.

When your heart chakra flows naturally and freely, it brings with it gladness and positive energy and you will be able to better appreciate all that is beautiful in this world. You’ll be able to practice tolerance and optimism.

If you find yourself facing issues like lack of self-confidence and self-love, it is probably because there is something blocking your heart chakra. But this can be smoothed out by practicing the following techniques:

How to awaken the heart chakra

1. Guided mediation

Practicing meditation by yourself is not easy and there’s no shame in seeking a guide to help you get the desired effect. An expert can help you concentrate on strengthening the flow of energy to your Anahata centers.

2. Spreading kindness and love

The Anahata draws its power from love. It is the key to opening up your heart chakra. The best way to receive love is to get it. Even if it’s just giving all your love to your dog, do it. If you feel like there’s a chance for you to do some good for someone, take it up immediately.

When you see that someone is upset and in a tough situation, do what you can to help them, even if it is something simple like listening to their worries. Small acts can go a long way in freeing your heart chakra.

3. Power of essential oils

The volatility of these oils can help unblock your chakras and many experts use them when meditating. They make the effect of meditation all the more potent. Lavender, frankincense and tea tree are the best when it comes to strengthening the Anahata.

4. Healthy diet

To be spiritually strong, you’ll need to maintain your physical health. Actively stay away from junk food and anything that is not healthy. Eating a lot of greens can strengthen your heart and heal you mentally and physically.

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