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Everything You Need To Know About Ghosts And Entities

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by Conscious Reminder

What Does One Mean By ‘Ghost’?

These are the souls or spirits of people who die. They roam the plane of the Earth for a fixed number of days, before they have to leave. Not every human being leaves their spirit behind. Sometimes, a earth-bound soul is often one that is lonely or dissatisfied.

Do They Really Exist?

This depends heavily on one’s perspective, and who you choose to approach with this question. One of my friends keeps spotting her dead grandfather on her terrace. I, for one, was very close to a certain grandmother, whose spirit never visited me. There are several tales about ghostly encounters, but until you witness it for yourself, it is quite difficult to determine the authenticity of it. People, who are adept in psychic transactions, can openly communicate with these bodies of energy. In certain cases, the activity, known as ‘planchette’, has led to the revelation of several things that only the dead person would have known. This makes matters much more confusing.

What Happens During The Spotting Of A ‘Shadow Spirit’?

They are not generally known to cause destruction or harm. These are bodies of energy that are only passing by. In most cases, even the ones captured on camera, are only a trick of light. They disappear once your eyes become better accustomed to the atmosphere.

Why Can’t You See Them, While Your Friend Can?

Not all of us are blessed with the equal psychic ranges. If you are better tuned to the rhythm of these energies, then they will show themselves to you. But if neither your mind, nor your body is capable of wielding such energy or psychological force, then you will miss out.

When Was The First Authentic Account Reported?

Nobody can tell. This is the main reason why the very existence of the spirit realm is constantly debated. Even if you did find the first report, there is no way to justify the authenticity of another person’s account. What if they were lying? What if they were hallucinating? In today’s day and age, it is fairly easy to conjure false photographic proof. Even video documentation cannot guarantee the reality.

What Measures Should One Take If They See A Spirit?

Nothing, necessarily. They are not here to cause you intentional harm. Just don’t deliberately wreck their space of being, and they will not retaliate against you. However, if you should spot something, remember to keep your calm. The huge anxiety attack caused by the fear and high surrounding energy could prove to be hazardous.

Can They Be Friends?

Of course, they can. The movie on Casper, the friendly ghost, surrounds this very idea. People think of them as terrorizing groups of monsters, but that is far from reality. Why assume that something you do not know would harm you simply because they are different? Give them a chance, if you meet them. They might turn out to be quite pleasant.

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