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The Twin Flame Bond: Connection Beyond The Physical

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Twin flame bond is like Yin and Yang. They complement energy of each other, but they have the different polarity. Although, they are the mirror images their qualities are opposite. This benefits in achieving the real balance in life, as the weakness of one are the strength of other.

The twin flame bond is never physical only; their strings are tied together on a soul level. With the passage of time, they both attain the level to feel each other in a way beyond physical.

They are empathic with one another. When one feels joy, another becomes happy as well; if one is depressed – other will feel gloomy too. This connection is present when they are miles apart. The similar energy levels allow them to feel each other without any words.

Twin Flame Bond

It is said that your twin flame is the only person ever created to have the same energy level as yours. That’s why it is typically really hard to keep a secret from the twin flame. Also, when one is deceiving the other in any matter, truth cannot remain hidden for long. It seems impossible to hide anything from the twin flame.

Unconditional love, deep acceptance of each other and honesty play a vital part in any twin flame bond. All these ingredients are the part of the recipe that makes life harmonious and achieves the inner peace.

There are lots of issues when the twin flame couple is achieving ascension. There are never ending fights, relationship problems, connecting issues and so much more. But they have a strong bond that makes them pass all these tests.

When the twin flame bond is strong, they can feel each other’s thoughts and ideas telepathically. Many times, they call or text at the same time; they could complete each other’s sentences; even they buy the same gift the other wants. So many examples of synchronicities are present in their lives.

When we say that twin flame connection is beyond physical, it could also mean that the relationship is not selfish or dependent. There is no obsession. Romance or sex is not the only reason to be together. The twin flame bond seems so natural like breathing. At the soul level, you two are connected.

There are many soulmates in life but only one twin flame. Your soulmate in life may seem like a twin flame but it might or might not be the one. Twin flame connection helps you to know yourself plus your surroundings in the best possible way. Your twin flame functions as your partner and a guide at the same time.

The twin flame union leads to the infinite energy levels where everything changes. This connection extracts the best from your soul and lets you live it at full. You are at your highest energy level when you bond perfectly with your twin flame.

It is not the relationship about lust or needs; it is something beyond your imagination. Only those can truly know the real essence of twin flame bond, who are enjoying this most beautiful connection of one soul in two bodies.

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