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Starseed Awakening Stages You Need To Know

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The legacy of Starseeds can be traced backed to galactic realms. They are beings of immense spiritual power who have found a way to create a perpetual source of love and compassion inside them.

Their physical form resides in the material plane, but their spirituality presides over their heart and mind.

The primary intent of Starseeds is to serve humanity and to fill the life of every living being with goodness and kindness.

Along the way, they forgot that they have a higher purpose that needs fulfilling. But, no matter how much they try to escape from themselves, they are only drawn closer to their destinies.

In their life, Starseeds feel eclectic and lost and wander from place to place ―in search of their destiny. That is why they are often dubbed as “inscrutable mavericks” or “lost souls”.

But they are not lost; they are just trying to find themselves. They are rebels and are often ostracized from social gatherings because they don’t spiritually connect with normal humans.

They are in search of something of a perennial nature.

Once a Starseed starts to awaken, they experience specific signs and undergo different stages.  Starseed awakening stages are listed below.

Stage 1: The Life-Altering Experience

Firstly, a life-altering experience kick-starts your Starseed awakening. It can be a nervous breakdown, a near-death experience or union with a twin flame. Whatever it may be, it catalyses your Starseed Journey.

Stage 2: Change of Beliefs

After this defining moment in your life, you start to perceive things differently. You uncover the mask of reality, and start to see things for what they are.

You no longer believe in the deceptive and misleading concepts of societies and civilizations. You are guided by your own intuition.

You feel increasingly dissatisfied with what you’re doing in your life. If you’re stuck in a job that doesn’t feed your soul, you have this inherent urge to quit it.

Stage 3: Spiritual awareness develops

In the third stage, your spiritual horizons broaden, and you become exceptionally aware of your surroundings and people. The ability of your intuition to anticipate danger increases markedly.

You start to have lucid dreams that seem extraordinarily real. You also develop psychic abilities, such a clearauditory and clearsentience.

Stage 4: Attention towards love and beauty grows

In the fourth stage, you start to see the beauty in things. If there are people around you who have always been shunned by society, and have been regarded as ugly and unlovable, you start to see the beauty in them. You see them through a different lens, and that makes all the difference. Your thirst for interacting with them makes you feel parched.

Stage 5: You further hone your spiritual powers

In the fifth stage, you start to hone your spiritual abilities. Once you embark upon the journey of love and compassion, you automatically burnish your Starseed abilities.

It becomes effortless to help those others around you, and to understand their insecurities and fears.

Stage 6 : Union with your higher self takes place

In the sixth and final stage, you finally meet your higher self. This higher-self imbues a sense of clarity within you. Mental obscurity completely diminishes and you align with your true mission in life.

These are the Starseed awakening stages, and if you are experiencing them, you are finally realizing your Starseed roots.

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