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Unity Consciousness In Business: EMPOWERER Is The New Way Of Leadership

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by Athena Melchizedek,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

So very much has been written about this topic.

I feel very passionate about this as we move into another new year and I see the traditional review and the traditional setting of new intentions and the same old structures.

Something is afoot, and I feel the excitement arising in my being as I say NO MORE!!!

I have always been something of a rebel and a free spirit. Since I was a young woman I have been challenging the status quo in and out of business. The fact I was in business at all at the age of 26 in a position of leadership, and a woman, meant I had some serious issues to contend with in the 1970’s.

I actually finally made it to board level, somewhat later in my career until I could no longer stomach the shenanigans of my counterparts who were all firmly ensconced in a distorted patriarchal and hierarchical paradigm. I only made it to board level because I was extremely good at my job, worked incessantly and got results and, unfortunately for me, for a time I joined them and fully colluded with their behaviors of exploitation and domination OF ME.

All this set up was really showing me was how much I had become aligned with victimhood and how much I had decimated the feminine in myself.

This meant I spent a large part of my younger life not living authentically and not being true to myself. Of course, this could not be sustained because it negates life itself when we behave in this manner.The rebel and free spirit was seriously broken for a period in my life until I could no longer continue with the façade and got down to some very serious transformation work.

Now I am looking out at the world and seeing so much opportunity for change.

I see that even in organizations that purport to be conscious, the same old patterns are present.

Everything works through resonance, and when we don’t take heed of this and make choices not based on what resonates with our hearts, then we are in for some serious trouble as I found out for myself all those years ago.

Now I live and work in full integrity. I walk my talk. I set my intentions and manifest effortlessly all I need in every way. And I learned from my long life of working with individuals, groups, teams and businesses that all change is an INSIDE JOB and for any business or enterprise this must be addressed by those who lead.

The old way will not sustain. We are building a new earth, and the only way to do that is together. The new paradigm is about Group Service and finding a way of working that empowers all, not just the few.

I noticed something interesting the other day.

EMPEROR is an example of the old way of leadership.

EMPOWERER is the new.

The difference is WE.

Any of us who have been involved in Conscious Business know that there are already some beautiful models that have emerged.

Holocracy where authority is decentralized and distributed to self organizing and self managing teams rather than vested in a management hierarchy.

Integral Model, a leading edge holistic model addressing the interior and exterior of individuals and the collective including and integrating the 4 major management systems and now successfully applied in business and leadership.

These are just two examples.

Seeding the new means responsibility and accountability for new templates of the structures that will create a new reality for businesses and institutions.The entire global economy is based on these structures and they affect all either as owners, investors, employees or consumers.

Sovereignty for all of necessity means the demise of distorted hierarchy and in fact the emphasis on group service in the new paradigm leads us into the realms of synarchy.

Synarchy is like minded individuals working together each representing a specific aspect of the whole and co creating something together, something greater than each could on their own following an overall plan agreed on at the beginning.

A great example of this is what some of us are already doing as we become aware of and follow the Divine Plan for Humanity. No one is telling us what to do, we are using our intuition, guidance, heart resonance, connection to Divine Mind to follow the creative evolutionary impulse.

In a synarchy no ONE is in charge and no one is being led – rather people are using their innate gifts, talents and skills, loving what they do and work synchronistically and synergistically to create the original vision or outcome with which they all resonate.

Even the person with the original vision cannot claim to be “in charge” as others may have the same vision or are resonating with this as we shift into group mind synthesis and no one can achieve the highest outcome alone.

It means others are naturally attracted in to those with shared values and intentions. Based on each individual’s specific interest and frequency they self- select and then gather others by broadcasting this frequency to help attain the outcome.

There is communication, collaboration, co-operation, acknowledgement and interdependence.
This is the physical projection of TRUE ONENESS
All are treated with equal respect
There is a culture of Unity Consciousness
There is FULL transparency

In the old paradigm non-disclosure and polarization has caused the severe imbalances we see mirrored in 3D

The leader of the New Earth is a SERVANT leader based totally in service to the higher purpose of the agreed mission.

I for one am very excited by what we can co create by this new potential structure.

It does mean however, that as all exterior change is dependent on interior transformation, each must do their part to ensure they are able resonate fully with a structure such as this.

I will be offering a LIVE INTERACTIVE MASTER CLASS very soon on this very topic.

Do private message me on the link below, if you are interested, as spaces will be limited by my Zoom holding capacity


With Love and Blessings

About the Author: Athena Melchizedek is dedicated to the development of evolutionary leadership based in Unity Consciousness through her programs of self-empowerment, personal mastery and management of the human bioenergy field.

She is an internationally experienced business consultant, transformation facilitator, mentor and energy practitioner specialising in remote transmission.


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