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A Black New Moon In Leo Rising July 31st: Have A Conversation With Your Own Self First

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by Conscious Reminder

Leo will play host to a Black Super Moon on either July 31st, or August 1st, depending upon your time zone. A Black Super Moon is simply the second New Moon in a month.

Now, you must be wondering why would it be a Black Super Moon, if it is on August 1st. Well, since the date is pretty close by to July, eminent astrologers all over the world have decided to bring it into July’s fold.

As with most New Moons, this Black Super Moon would affect both the tidal waves, and us, through its many vibrations. It would also herald a lot of new lunar cycles, which should be a welcome change from the transformations the previous Eclipses have brought.

In fact, this should be a blessing for us, as we would be able to settle into a norm, and tend to our wounds which the July Eclipse might have reopened.

If there were certain skeletons released from the closet by the Eclipse in July, the Black Super Moon would allow us to smoothen it out. It would further help us make new moves, and settle into a new plan.

Remember, this might be the time for new opportunities, and newer doors to open up. Mercury is going to be in Retrograde, so don’t try to force yourself into it, but simply let it work on its own.

And while a New Moon would probably be your best option to find something specifically meant for you from the Universe, it might be beneficial to sit this one out. For, Mercury Retrograde works in strange ways and you don’t want to be one to face its brunt.

The Eclipses might have reopened some wounds that hurt bad, but it also raised us. Our identity has taken a different self now because we have transformed as humans.’

It is expected that you would want to test out your new skills with the opportunities that the New Moon puts before you. But it would be better to sit patiently, relax your breath, and allow the Universe’s energy to mingle with your soul energy.

Relax, for the time will come for the taking. Just hold on for a bit more.

Since Leo is host to this, it is natural that we would be given leadership abilities and responsibilities on how we conduct our own lives.

We would be expected to take the reins of our lives and steer it in directions that would be fortunate for us. We would need to own up to our decisions, even if they go wrong, for mistakes are the stepping stones to success.

You are who you are, and deep in your heart, you know that. So stop fighting yourself. Stop doubting your brilliance and your experience. And believe whatever you think is correct. Trust in your intuitions, your instincts, and your fate.

This is the perfect time when you can work on all the negative energy that is inside you. Take courage from the Lion itself and start pushing every doubtful, hesitant energy you have from your gut to your heart.

On the other hand, you need to also push down on the foggy energy from the brain to the heart. When all that energy gets accumulated in your heart, you can use your soul energy, and the innate goodness that you have in yourself, to transform them into wisdom, love, truth, acceptance, etc.

The only reason why you need to use your heart right now is that Leo is the ruler of your heart. It succeeds only when it rules with its heart. So remember this Black Super Moon, that all you need to do is trust in yourself for one very simple reason-

Only you know who you truly are. No one can take the decisions that are yours for the taking.

Use love to guide you in your journey to ascension, while also using the courage that there is inside you to traverse through these energies.

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