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Capricorn New Moon On January 16th, 2018 — Powerful Love Energies

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by Conscious Reminder

Eclipse season is about to start and the New Moon at 26°54′ Capricorn occurring on Jan 16th is going to be the last one before the commencement of this series of eclipses. 

This would be the time when you are driven to finish all your overdue projects and wrap up everything before you take on new responsibilities. You would like to leave no loose threads and this is the most auspicious time for all your goals regarding money as well as love.

However some unexpected turn of events might also catch you off guard thanks to hard aspect to Uranus, but a more favorable aspect to Mars will take care of these minor hiccups and help resolve anything that might come in the way of your goals.


This New moon is situated in Capricorn and happens to make an alignment with a star, a planet and an asteroid as well. Read on to know how these three determine the major aspects of the new moon.

The New Moon is in conjunction with the planet Venus at 28°46′ and this will mean that you will have increased attention to the matters of the heart.  It is best to spend time with family and loved ones because you would want affection and comfort. Relationships, old and new alike can thrive well with proper direction. It is also a very good time for you to learn to love yourself because that is the first step for any other kind of love and affection.

At 28°17′ Capricorn, the New Moon is in conjunction with the Asteroid Hestia. Hestia is a Greek name; she was the goddess of home and the hearth in ancient Greece. This conjunction means that this is the time for strengthening the bonds of family and home.

The star Terebellum too is at 26°54′ Capricorn, it is very fortunate indeed but also signals certain disgrace and repulsion.

Taken in combination, all three aspects to the new moon make it a good time for love and progress; a very good time for new beginnings which would be full of love, peace and harmony.

Old love too will be renewed and refreshed. It is the time for family and relationships to blossom. Terebellum is a good fortune sign but might slightly dampen the overzealous nature of the other two.


There might be certain scrimmages and altercations in old love because Venus is in square with Uranus. Patience would be tested on both the sides as new urges develop. There might be episodes of lashing out which would later be regretted thanks to the influence of Terebellum.

However, these are minor problems and will only turn catastrophic if the relationship is not well balanced and healthy to begin with. Try not to deny change and variety to your partner or they might feel smothered and caged. If not handled carefully it can also lead to love being extinguished completely.

Uranus and Mars quincunx also mean that you’d be more impulsive than before. But remember that moderation is the key. It is good to experiment and find new solutions but don’t take it to the extremes where you won’t be able to get back. Venus sextile Mars means that now is a very good time to mix sensuality and love. You’ll be more confident than ever before and use it to socialize more.

To Sum It Up

This is the time to focus on your family and relationships. You are advised to build new relationships or strengthen old ones.

Work-wise it is a good time to get your affairs in order and finish all that you started so that you can focus on bringing in the new. Be determined and love and success both will be yours to take.

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