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Sagittarius Full Moon Rising June 17th: Trust In The Ways Of The Universe

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by Conscious Reminder

On June 17th, the Full Moon is going to fall 25º Sagittarius decan 3. It will come in an alignment with the fixed star Lesath and thus it will make an orb of the galactic center. This zone is a sensitive sport.

Imagine dragons and scorpions- imagine serpents – everything roams around this area. It’s almost like a scene taken from Paradise Lost. Plus, the Moon does not come to offer us any help.

Its light will confuse us and make it even more difficult to go through this tortuous maze. You might feel like you are going down a dark road, even though the Full Moon is shedding its light.

So, what are you going to do this time? Look inside and listen to the voice of the Universe. Trust it. Sometimes, even dangerous creatures staring at you from the horizon can deliver an enlightening experience. The Universe will usher this change.

This zone is known for its extremities. It might show us the true nature of what reality is. Now, we might think of it as a blessing but reality might even make you go mad – a bit of obscurity is good.

And yet, a glimpse of real reality can strengthen you from the inside. The only thing you need is take breaks in between. The journey down this path will be slow – but pauses are a good thing. It gives you time to reflect.

There’s another thing that might take place during this period – the rise of power-hungry monsters. Example – imagine Farage and Trump – both their natal Moons are present here. Idealism and naïveté will mix and will have a major influence on you. Their toxic will turn on them too.

But Saturn will have a major influence on this entire alignment too. It gives you a strange kind of addiction – you will always have this tendency to prove others wrong. You may not even want to take responsibility for any of your actions.

Fixed Star

The Fixed Star Lesath has a psychological effect on people. While it does have low vibrations, it has been associated with malevolence, desperation and even acidic poisons. On the positive end, though, it brushes up your wit and intellect.

You will also be a bit more philosophical, looking for insight in religion and other similar subjects. People who have this sign on their charts tend to be argumentative and good at debates. On the other hand, if it is not properly aligned, it can lead to some major embarrassments for you.

Galactic Center

The evil part of the Fixed Star is offset by the Galactic Center influence. It directs messages from the heavens to your brain. You might even hear the voice of God if you have faith in Him. If this link is ignored by the individual, then it might lead to confusion.

However, if it is well-utilized, the voice will give you knowledge that you never could have received outside of yourself. It’s a connection with your inner spirit.

So, connect with your inner side during this period. Make the most of this Full Moon.

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