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Today Is The Most Magical Full Moon Of 2019 — Expect Miracles Over The Next 48 Hours!

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The full moon occurring at 21° Pisces will rise in the skies on Saturday, September 13/14th, 2019 (depending on your time zone).

This period brings a test of faith, being conjunct Neptune and square Jupiter. Mars joins this aspect to create a T-square which raises the risk of confusion and disappointments because of anger, mood swings, and impulsive actions.

This full moon is in the Phoenix Constellation. It’s a full moon for rebirth and positive transformation, the strongest aspect of it being positive sextile to Pluto.

What’s The Meaning of the Full Moon?

The sun in front of the moon affects your intimate relationships, your family, and your home during the 2-week period following this phase of the moon.

You may notice external pressure and internal tension because of opposing forces like what you need versus what you want, or work versus home, which may result in crises and conflicts. All this can make you feel drained of energy.

The lunar aspects of instincts and emotions reach their highest point on the full moon. Therefore, try to overcome any relationship problem using your increased intuition and emotional strength.

Your subconscious awareness will help you get a balanced and unbiased look at your relationships. As a result, you’ll see any dynamic relationship or bad feelings causing conflicts.

Astrology Of Tonight’s Full Moon 

This full moon occurring at 21° Pisces on Saturday, offers plenty of planetary aspects. They form a T-shaped aspect pattern of Moon-Neptune, square Jupiter, and opposite Sun-Mars, which brings confusion and anger. This increases the risk of disappointment and loss.

The strongest aspect of the full moon is a positive sextile to Pluto. This can strengthen your intuition and help you control your emotions, even the strongest ones. What’s more, Pluto will encourage a process of rebirth, assisted by Neptune and the full moon in constellation Phoenix.

The Full Moon and The T-square

Jupiter square Neptune will put your faith to the test because of some disappointment or discomfort. Even though you can feel generous, confident, and optimistic, there’s still a high risk of deception and illusion.

A tendency toward paranoia and suspicion may turn out to be safer over gullibility and idealization. Avoid gurus, cults, drugs, gambling, and get-rich-quick schemes.

Mars in front of Neptune may cause weakness, discouragement, and a feeling that something is wrong. Misdirected energy, fear of competition, and severe perversion can lead to disappointment, disillusionment, and embarrassment. The chances are, you have unreal expectations for your love life and career.

The Mars-Jupiter square brings energy, willingness, and initiative to take risks. But, a tendency to impulsive actions may cause accidents, mistakes, or embarrassment even if you feel enthusiastic, capable, and handsome.

Therefore, plan ahead, moderate your energy, and use a strategy to avoid losses and prevent yourself from becoming physically and emotionally exhausted.

More Full Moon Challenges

Being conjunct Neptune, the full moon will make you more emotionally sensitive, but also more confused and insecure. Following the wrong signals may bring guilt, scandal, disappointment, and illusion.

Suspicions can turn into paranoia and dreams into fantasies. Therefore, don’t forget the difference between reality and fantasy to avoid being rejected and embarrassed. This period you may be more prone to illness, poisoning, infection, and addiction.

Full moon square Jupiter shows a tendency towards overconfidence and excess. Changing tastes and moods may lead you astray. Disloyalty in relationships or lowering of standards could lead to scandal or embarrassment. Be careful with the increased tendency to exaggerate shopping, medicine, or food.

Full moon opposite Mars can make you short-tempered, bored, selfish, and gloomy. A tendency to act without thinking and anger can quickly turn a minor irritation into an argument and fight.

Aggressive instincts and impulsive actions can take a toll on relationships. You can avoid hostility by channeling your energy toward exercise, hard work, and competition.

Full Moon Sextile Pluto

Being sextile to Pluto, the September full moon will give you a more powerful and intense subconscious. Deeply hidden emotions will be exposed, and you’ll have better control over your feelings, instinctive behaviors, and reactions.

Intense personal interactions will reveal your true opinion about someone, as well as their opinion about you. You’ll either be free to move forward or take your relationship into a deeper level.

Constellation Phoenix

The full moon on Saturday, September 14th is in the constellation Phoenix which strengthens the theme of Pluto revival. If something goes wrong in your life, it can be reborn.

You’ll have the power to stop any dependency or a bad habit. You can look into investigating secrets and crimes and solving mysteries. You’ll have a strong intuition that will guide your journey in the mysterious world.

The Phoenix is a bird that symbolizes cyclical regeneration in Greek mythology. The bird is reborn from its predecessor’s ashes. The constellation of Phoenix in astrology is believed to give power, ambition, pioneering disposition, lasting fame, and long life.

Summary of The Full Moon 

This full moon activates Jupiter Neptune square – the biggest long term challenging aspect of the year. On the 21st of September, it becomes stronger towards the last of its 3 aspects. The latter square happens in the two-week phase of the moon, so the effects will be pretty strong.

Jupiter square Neptune brings deception, suspicion, and gullibility, which can cause disappointment or embarrassment. On the other hand, the T square with Mars brings impulsive actions, anger, and mood swings which raise the risk of scandal and delusion.

The astrology of September 2019 focuses on deception and confusion due to the full moon and Neptune. However, Neptune rules spirituality, dreams, and hopes as well, so the full moon’s strongest aspect has great potential.

Being greatly influenced by the powerful Pluto makes the full moon ideal for rebirth and positive transformations through strong and honest personal interaction and freeing yourself from emotional baggage and destructive behavior.

Each full moon is related to the past new moon. On August 31st, 2019 there was a new moon that helped us connect with and reveal our deepest desires.

It was a perfect time to start a new relationship or revitalize an old one. This full moon, lasts until the date of the next new moon – September 28th.

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