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10 Rules Of Energetic Hygiene

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by Conscious Reminder

Be careful and take care of your energetic space.

People who have started walking the spiritual path are quite sensitive and vulnerable. Here are 10 tips for keeping a clean energetic field around you.

1. Avoid contact with people who make you feel unpleasant and uncomfortable.

Don’t draw their attention to yourself, do not engage in conversations with them, and don’t go around doing all kinds of favors to them.

2. If you find yourself among a large group of people, try not to let strangers close to your spine – 10-15 cm away from the back passes the energy axis of every person, the most vulnerable spot in our energy field and very open to influences of subtle energies.

It is good to use essential oils like rosemary, eucalyptus or carnation – their aroma will create a very powerful and protective energy field around you.

3. Try not to eat food prepared by someone who is tired, irritated or bad to people, even if you are very hungry.

4. In your home, you need to have your own corner, your own personal living space – the so-called personal comfort zone, where no one can enter without your permission.

5. Be careful with found objects, especially jewelry, amulets and personal items – you don’t know the fate of their owners, they can be saturated with very negative energetic information.

6. Be careful when accepting gifts – many of them can weaken you even cause serious and long-term illness. Accept only those gifts which your ‘sou approves’.

7. Start doing sports: running, swimming, fitness and aerobics, cycling or any other kind of activity.

Take care of your health – a physically exhausted person can’t protect themselves from an energy attack, they will even gradually begin to take other people’s energy.

8. Do not try on or wear other people’s things.

Do not use the personal belongings of sick and dead people. Do not give your personal belongings to someone else to use.

9. Be benevolent, highly diplomatic and psychologically flexible.

Try to avoid conflicts or to alleviate them. Learn to forgive. Do not respond to evil with evil – by being irritable and angry you lose your life force.

10. Smile more often.

Learn to rejoice every day of your life, to see the beauty in the surrounding world. Love yourself, love people, love life.

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