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The Fall Equinox On September 22nd/23rd Will Give You A Chance To Peek Into The Spirit Realms

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by Conscious Reminder

The Autumn Equinox is going to happen on September 22nd/23rd. It will mark the commencement of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and the starting of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is on this day that the light and the darkness of the day will be the same. Afterward, the night will start growing longer as we move to winter.

The Autumnal season shows the transience of life. The leaves start to transform their color and soon, dance and fall to the forest floors. Night comes fast and the sunset is always so beautiful.

Night and day become equal at the equinox. For the people in the Northern Hemisphere, it is time to prepare for the winter as the cool breeze starts to ruffle our hair.

Fall might seem like the end of this year, but it is so alive. On top of everything, it is one of the spiritually enriching periods of the year.

The veil present between the spiritual world and normal world becomes thin – it turns out to be the moment when you can communicate with your ancestors, spirit guides and angels.

In general, Fall represents rest. Humans have worked hard for so long and the crops have been collected. Winter is coming in close. As you look at the sunlight, you find that it has grown silvery. It is beautiful and slanting.

It’s time to settle on a proper pattern in your life – how do you wish for it to look in the future? It’s time to make a reality check and understand how your future should look like, according to you.

It’s time to put all your deeds and intentions in order. Now, you have to take stock of all the positive vibes and make these compassionate energies become one with you.

Negative energy is of no use anymore. So, it’s time to cast all kind of negativity away.

Since Fall is the time when you are gathering all the year’s abundance, it is best to be grateful for it. So, you can start with a small ceremony:

  • Light a candle
  • Burn incense, maybe Pine
  • Be grateful and send out your thanks
  • Be grateful for being in the Present, the Now.


Equinox has a meaning. It means ‘equal night’. There are other meanings too – something related to Mythology. Such traditions still continue, even today. This Equinox is known as the Cherokee New Year and runs for about fourteen days. According to Greek myths, Persephone returned to the underworld to start living with Hades, her husband, on an Autumn Equinox.

A memorial service of Buddhists, Higan, also takes place during the Autumnal Equinox. For 7 days, people visit their loved ones in their graves and bring comfort to the spirits of their ancestors.

The holiday for Christians, Michaelmas, which honors Archangel Michael, occurs when the darker nights begin and the colder days start – indicating this period.

Mabon, the Thanksgiving of the Witches, a Welsh god has a story related to this period, similar to the Persephone myth. Mabon is taken away from his mother within a day of birth and so, he gestates within the womb of the Great Mother, Modron. He is waiting for his rebirth.

So, culturally and spiritually, this period is of great significance. To welcome it, we must use:

Scents or incense of sage, myrrh, sweetgrass and pine.

Herbs like yarrow, marigold, rosemary, saffron, mistletoe, oat leaves, walnut husks and leaves, rue and apple.

So, enjoy the magic of the Autumn Equinox.

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