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Kundalini – To Rise or not to Rise?

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When a being truly becomes devoted to serving the Universal Spirit, surrenders to Universal Will, and develops Unselfish Love and Harmlessness, many things change within them.  The changes are physical, mental, and spiritual.  One of the most profound forces involved in these changes, is the KUNDALINI.

Kundalini comes as an activation of energy along the spine.  Some people have described it as a fiery breath that roars up your spine.  It has also been interpreted as a goddess, or the serpentine fire that lives at the base of the spine, and from time to time, comes to life and rises all the way to the top of the head, bringing enlightenment.  As the Kundalini force passes through the body’s endocrine glands and their corresponding nerve centers, there is a stimulation and “awakening” of the seven centers or “chakras”, that are associated with these glands and nerve groups.  This brings new awareness and activity in areas of the vibrational spectrum that were previously self-blocked from the person’s experience.  And that gives a person powerful new abilities, and great responsibility.

When the Kundalini rises, it can be painful, although the state of spiritual elation tends to nullify any pain. It is usually afterwards that you can have a very sore back for days. And if the body is not pure enough, and has not been prepared for this powerful evolutionary energy, it can cause a great deal of distress, and illness, as the body rushes to “catch up”, to purify itself enough, and to develop “nerve circuits” that are strong enough to handle new energies. All this can be made easier, and even brought on by, purification and attunement of the physical body, in coordination with the mind and spirit. Meditations, yoga, diet, etc., can all help make the changes brought about by the Kundalini, as smooth & easy as possible.
Before we go on about that, I must give you a stern warning. The abilities obtained from this should coincide with, or be the result of, self-transcendence, and active Unselfish Love. Kundalini should come naturally, as you evolve into a better, more kind and giving person. It is like a kiss that the Universal Spirit gives you when you are thinking or doing something right. It may come when you have a spiritual realization, especially during meditation.

However, through doing certain exercises, such as Kundalini yoga for one, you may also activate the Kundalini, but this is FORCING it. Such exercises are good IF they are under the guidance of a True Teacher and correspond with the entity’s spiritual growth, but can be very dangerous and detrimental in other circumstances (see chapter on VIBRATION in Part One). Would you let a baby play with wires from an electrical outlet? Of course not. Yet that electrical energy can be very constructive if channeled in the proper manner by one who has PREPARED to utilize it FIRST. It’s the same with the power of the Kundalini. For this reason we only give the most powerful techniques that pertain to unlocking such power, to those who have demonstrated their harmlessness and Unselfish Love. There are books and teachers that will give such to anyone, but please, heed my warning.

There are other means of forcing the Kundalini also, including drugs and scientific devices. And there are teachers who give “Shakti” to their students to stimulate this, but as at least one teacher I know of has learned, obtaining temporary “enlightenment” by Kundalini raised by Shakti, or any other means, does nothing to make for a better person. In fact, it usually strengthens the selfish separate self, and makes for a “spiritual ego”. To use an example, let’s say there is a path that winds up the mountain of consciousness; the top of the mountain is Universal Consciousness, Oneness with the Universal Spirit. Inducing or forcing enlightenment through external means is like temporarily airlifting a person to the top of the mountain. Sure, they experience Universal Consciousness, but it’s only temporary, they have not climbed there themselves, and they do not belong there. They must come back down, and it’s quite a fall. Sometimes an experience such as that can be helpful – if it is only done one time for purposes of instilling inspiration and knowing what wondrous things await you when you finally achieve Universal Consciousness the right way. But when someone has such an experience, and then “comes back down”, there are two alternate paths a person can choose…

1) A person can pick themselves up and begin walking their spiritual path to the top, step by step; or…
2) They can (as most do) take the attitude of “I know what it’s like now. I’ve made it. I don’t need to walk the long hard way”.

Then the person usually tries to keep getting there with a “short cut”, and becomes hardened in separate self consciousness. Then they only get further and further from their true spiritual path, and from the mountain top. Don’t fool yourself, there are no short cuts.

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