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Meet Seraphiel, The Chief Angel Of The Seraphim Order (Angels Of Love, Light & Fire)

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by Conscious Reminder

The chief angel of the Seraph or Seraphim’s order is called Seraphiel. However, this title can usually be given to some other angels too, like Jehoel, for instance.

Seraphiel belongs to one group of angels that are the most important and high ones of The Merkabah. He also belongs to the group of eight judgment throne angels.

In fact, Seraphiel is not just present in the lore of Kabbalah, but it is present in the well-known occult lore. Seraphiel is one of those angels that rule the planet Mercury.

However, he belongs to the group of the Seven Angels of The North. Despite him, the rest of the members of this group are Hyniel, Rhaumel, Rayel, Mathiel, and Fraciel.

Seraphiel is said to be the angel of Wednesday, together with Miel, and Raphael, who is the Wednesday’s chief angel.

Kemuel or Seraphiel?

Usually, this strong and powerful angel finds its association with Kemuel or Chamuel. Kemuel is the chief of Seraphim’s order. He is even the guardian of Heaven’s gates. He is an angel which maintains contact with the prophet Moses.

As he is Heaven’s gates guardian angel, when Moses comes to Heaven, Kamuel admonishes him. However, Moses then tells him that the purpose he is actually there is to receive The Torah.

Then, after the confession of the prophet, Heaven’s gates open immediately. With this, Kemuel realizes that it has been the will of God to let the prophet to enter Heaven’s Kingdom so that he permits him to enter freely.

The appearance of Seraphiel: How does he look like?

This angel does not just appear in the 3 Enoch; he was also described by the prophet. According to Enoch, Seraphiel is brilliant and enormous.

He is also tall just as the Seven Heavens. Moreover, Seraphiel has an angelic face, but an eagle’s body. He is also beautiful as the light or lightning of our morning star.

Furthermore, the body of this angel is actually covered in attractive eyes which shine like the stars. He is wearing a huge Sapphire stone on his head.

The crown’s stone actually has the size as the entire world. Moreover, his crown was said to be “the height of a journey of 502 years.”

As we already mentioned, he is the Seraphim’s chief angel. He is continually taking care of each angel, teaching them to sing songs in the glory of God.

However, who are the Seraphs or Seraphim?

The meaning of the word “seraph” is “fiery serpent.” In fact, Seraphim represent the highest angelic order in Heaven.

These angels are surrounding God’s Throne, and they continually sing some glorifying songs like The Trisagion or Holy, Holy, Holy.

The Seraphim were said to be the love, fire, and light angels. The 3 Enoch actually says that just four Seraphim exist.

The four of them correspond to this world’s four winds. Therefore, they are usually equated to The Four Living Creatures from Revelation.

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