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March 2022 Astrology Through Dates: You Are In The Driver’s Seat

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by Conscious Reminder

March 2022 will be asking us to step up as the leader to get stuff done. It will be the only 2022 month that will not see any planetary retrogrades.

That means March will have fast, forward-moving, and bold energy that will be beneficial in overcoming our fears and acting on things we actually desire.

So, here are the major astrological events that will take place in March 2022:

March 2nd: New Moon In Pisces + Pluto, Venus, Mars Align

The darkness that comes with New Moons is a resting place for new, unfolding energies. This darkness is where seeds become prepared to sprout. The New Moon in Pisces will get amplified, heightening our sensitivity. The heightened activity of Jupiter will also heighten emotions.

The trio of planets aligning will shift our focus on the ongoing power struggles or relationships in life.

March 3rd: Venus And Pluto Conjuncts

This alignment has taken place thrice in a few months, which is a rare enough occurrence to be extra-attentive of. Venus stands for relationships while Pluto stands for power. So these series of energies can make us notice power struggles popping up in our relationships. Think about how the progression of the story has taken place during the previous two conjuncts.

March 4th: Venus’ Shadow Period Ends

Venus retrograde saw self-limiting thoughts and relationship dynamics that have overstayed get amplified. However, even if Venus retrograde had ended in January, its shadow phase has been ongoing. With its end on this day, Venus will bring new energy to matters of the heart and relationships.

March 4th: Sun And Jupiter Conjuncts

It is one of astrology’s most magical and beneficial alignments. Jupiter’s touch can amplify anything, and with the Sun’s presence, the rays will be even more amplified. The conjunct can will bring boosts for optimism, self-discovery, and healing. One of the gifts that Jupiter brings will be to show the brighter and bigger side of everything.

March 6th: Mars And Venus Enter Aquarius

The energy from this pair entering Aquarius will help in balancing our feminine and masculine energies.

March 12th: Sun And Neptune Conjuncts

This day will be one filled with a higher love, creativity, and spiritual growth. Neptune will help us realize our shared existence as One. The conjunction can also enhance spiritual insights, helping us hear our intuition better. Doing work related to music, fantasy, and art will also be favored by this aspect.

March 16th: Pallas Conjuncts Chiron

Pallas, representing strength, will conjunct Chiron, representing healing. Together, their energies can help us stand up and take bold steps to continue our healing. The healing journey can also empower us, giving us extra strength if we are currently facing challenges.

March 18th: Full Moon In Virgo

This lunation will mark the beginning of the New Year in Astrology as well as the approach to the Equinox. This will be the ideal chance to let go of everything that we do not want to carry any longer. The strong energies encouraging release can guide us away from self-critical thoughts and perfectionism.

March 20th: Astrological New Year, Equinox, And Aries Season

One of March’s most important days will see the Sun enter Aries exactly when the Equinox takes place. Aries is the Zodiac’s first sign, so this season is believed to be the Astrological New Year. Aries stands for leadership, so look for areas where you desire to be in the lead. The Equinox brings high vibrations that will help in balancing our lives.

March 31st/ April 1st: New Moon In Aries

There will be a bit of healing energy on offer during this lunation due to Chiron’s strong presence. As such, the lunation can help us heal old wounds or find new strength in some of our past hardships 

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