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Is The Twin Flame Connection Always Of Romantic Nature?

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by Conscious Reminder

Twin flames are hard to define as the term has deep rooted spiritual connotations. More often than not, the relationship between twin flames does not proceed the way either one of them expected it to. There is no single definition for a twin flame relationship.

Of course it is a powerful relationship, full of spirituality and a connection that transcends mental and physical boundaries. These traits might point to a certain type of relationship but in reality, there are just as many twin flames who are in a romantic relationship as there are twin flames who are just good friends.

But do twin flames make a good couple?

Typical twin flames

As I said earlier, there’s no one type of relationship that can be called the definitive twin flame relationship. There is a wide range of relationships that might be formed. But usually, twin flames do have romantic feelings for each other, though it doesn’t always last.

This is quite natural because a twin flame relationship usually contains the same attributes that we look for in a a romantic relationship. There will be a definite spark between the twin flames and they’ll match emotionally, physically and spiritually. But this doesn’t mean that they will end up falling in love with each other. Their relationship will be based on a wide range of factors.

Age difference

People tend to wonder about twin flame relationships because sometimes there is a difference in years between the two of them. Two decades is perfectly normal but sometimes there can be a gap of forty years and more. Such a big difference doesn’t occur often but they aren’t rare either. This isn’t mutually exclusive from a romantic connection but it is not considered appropriate in most places.

Societal constructs ideally shouldn’t control the choices we make in life but not all of us are able to free ourselves from these constraints. For many, a romantic relationship would just not be possible under these circumstances. In these cases, the older twin flame becomes a mentor to the younger one.

Other reasons

There can be a variety of other reasons like sexual orientation, long distance, so on and so forth but the answer to the underlying query is that it is not set in stone that twin flames will end up as lovers. They are well matched and falling in love will be easy but it doesn’t really matter in the long run.

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