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13 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Dreams

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

All of us dream, that’s for sure. For every dream you retain after waking up, there are many more that you’ve had and forgotten.

Some people have happy dreams, others have deeply disturbing ones but however hard we try, there is nothing that will guarantee you a dreamless sleep.

People have been trying to make sense of dreams as far back as the time of Plato and Aristotle. But we are still divided on the cause of why and what we dream and the meaning behind our dreams.

Dreams usually occur within the REM sleep cycle but can also happen out if it. Our dreams are made up of visual and audible signals and might have a few more sensations as well.

Earlier, it was believed that our dreams are a way for our unrequited emotions to have a safe platform to play out- in our subconscious. Although there are many who still believe it to be true, more recent studies claim that there is physiological reasoning behind dreams.

When we sleep, our dreams indicate a background process that our brain undertakes. Our brain is trying to arrange and compartmentalize all the information that it has processed during the day.

Dreams are important for this organization if memories and information. It can also be our way if dealing with problems which are too overwhelming to be thought of with our conscious brain.

Anyway, here are 13 facts about dreaming which will surely leave you in awe.

1. None of the faces in our dreams are new or strange to us. We have already seen them even though we might not recognize. Our brain cannot invent new faces for our dreams.

2. It is also possible to have dreams in black and white and not just color.

3. Our mind is much more active in our sleeping/dreaming period than when we are up and about. This is because our brain is frantically trying to make sense of everything it has seen or felt during the waking period.

4. Animals too dream just like us. It has been proven by studies. And there dreams can be dark too, so take care of your pets if they seem distressed in their sleep.

5. People who are born blind dream, but without the visual representation. Those who went blind due to some accident retain their ability to dream with pictures.

6. When we dream a lot about a particular someone, it could indicate that there are some issues just below the surface of our conscious that need to be addressed.

7. We don’t remember our dreams upon waking up. Even the ones we do, we start forgetting their details exponentially fast as we progress during the day.

8. Sleep paralysis is not to be confused with dreaming. It is the inability to move or speak for a while upon waking up. You are conscious during this rather harrowing experience.

9. There have been many instances where people have claimed that they foresaw what was happening to them in their dreams.

10. People are capable of doing things that they wouldn’t have otherwise in their sleep. Sleepwalking can extend to painting and making music too.

11. Dreams are very helpful if you’re an artist or the creative kind. They recharge your imagination.

12. When men dream, the characters in their dreams are mostly men. For women it is a healthy mixture of both.

13. Half the dreams we dream have negative connotations. They either cause sadness or fear, anger etc.

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