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Australia Found A Simple Way To Save Water From Plastic Pollution & We Can Start Doing The Same

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Last year, during the summer season, the authorities of Kwinana, a city in Australia, installed the new system for filtration in Henley Reserve.

The system is incredibly simple. The citizens and also the government started experiencing the benefits as soon as they started using it. The system made them as satisfied as they can be.

This system consists of one net which is placed on the outlet of a drainage pipe which helps in capturing debris and in keeping the environment safe and protected from every type of contamination.

© Old Castle Infrastructure

In fact, these pipes are draining water from some residential areas into natural areas. Also, the litter and trash from these places may be overwhelming, or even harmful for the environment.

Moreover, the heavy rains usually wash the trash away, pulling it down to these systems of drainage.

The authorities of the city began by installing just two nets.

The results surprised them because the new system of filtration managed to collect more than 800 pounds of garbage for a few weeks only.

© Storm Water Systems

With this, the authorities decided that the litter ‘traps’ should be installed around the city, in order to minimize the surrounding environment and wildlife to be polluted.

Even though the installation, together with the manufacture of the nets was costly, almost $10,000 each, the entire system is profitable, because they provide important cost savings as they move forward. For example, they are now saving on the costs they had before for people who were collecting the litter themselves, manually.

When those nets fill themselves, they get lifted, while special trucks collected the trash and transported it to the center for trash-sorting. There, the trash is divided into recyclable and non-recyclable material. This material is then moved on for some further processing.

© Storm Water Systems

Then, those who are responsible for this put the nets back, and they keep doing their work.

This new system for filtration proves that some small things can really be important. Focusing on such things may have an important and positive effect on the environment, and also on humanity generally.

Via I Believe In Mother Nature

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