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Why It’s Important To Cleanse Yourself And The Space Energetically After Doing Energy Work

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After a healing, it is vital that the healer clears the healing room of any residual negative energy left from the healing. During a healing, the healer may remove blockages from the clients etheric and/or physical body which have hindered the natural flow of energy.

These blockages should not be present in the body and therefore should be removed. If the client has an illness that has manifested on the physical level, there will be energy given off that may be heavy, sticky or negative – we call it ‘spiritual slime’.

This tends to stick not only to the healer, but must also be removed from the client’s aura and the healing area itself. During the healing, it is not uncommon for the healer to become aware of this negative energy clinging to their hands and arms, and they may even have to stop and clean it off with their other hand or a feather.

It may feel uncomfortable and perhaps may make the healer ache a little. This is why it is absolutely vital for the healer to wash their hands right up to their elbows after a healing. They must make sure that they clean off this energy so that it does not remain in their aura and create problems with their own personal energy flows.

At times it may be necessary to have a shower to cleanse your auric field if the healing has brought up a lot of negative energy or you have done many healings in one day. If you have done several healings, there tends to be a build up which needs to be cleansed and cleared both from the healing area and your own energy field. Of course ‘oceanic cleansing’ or a dip in the sea is a powerful way to cleanse yourself.

The ocean has a powerful energy all of its own and is a magnificent way to wash away any unwanted energy that you are carrying. So too is a ‘bath in the sun’ – a stroll in the rays of Father Sun can also burn off negative energy. We all know how good we feel when the sun smiles in spring and how we can often feel a bit down and depressed in winter. So these two are a magnificent way to remove negative energy build up in your auric field.

This energy clearing must be thorough, otherwise pockets of negative energy will remain and eventually create unpleasant vibrations. This cleansing process is very important in making sure that you do not take on the negativity of others….their problems, their heartaches or their illnesses.

To remove the ‘slime’ from the clients aura, there are several methods which you can employ depending on which you prefer. To make sure that you remove unpleasant energy which your client has released from their physical body into their auric field, you may ‘feather’ them. This means that you take a feather – usually an eagle feather although it can be any feather large enough – and sweep it through their aura.

Some healers I know have also used swan or geese feathers. The feather gathers the unwanted energy and it can then be flicked away from the body. Healers using shamanic healing energy use this method and also use the feather for other related aspects of healing. The hands may also be used for the same thing. Smudging is another method to help cleanse the aura and healing area of unwanted energy.

This requires the healer to burn sacred herbs such as white sage, lavender, rosemary, perhaps even eucalyptus, and then blow out the flame and use the smoke to cleanse. A small bowl often ceramic in nature, (although any vessel which is fire proof and doesn’t get too hot will do)is used in order to avoid any cinders escaping. Needless to say, you do not want to burn the client!!! The healer simply wafts the smoke into the client’s aura using the hand or the feather. energy clearing

Some healers – especially those who follow the shaman way, like to smudge their client both before and after a healing. This means negative energy that the client comes in with is immediately removed leaving the auric field clean without going into a healing with a build up already present.

For the same effect, some healers like to feather their clients before and after. The more you work with the healing energy, the more you will become aware of its differing nature. Just as you walk into a room of people and sense that you can cut the air with a knife, you will sense if a person is carrying negative energy about their person or if there is negative energy in an empty room.

You will feel it clinging to the walls and in corners. To cleanse the healing area before the start of your healing and afterwards, you may use several methods. Make sure that you air the room thoroughly by opening the doors and windows. Allow the breeze to blow through. Light a white candle to burn up unwanted energy – and always have a candle burning during a healing for the same reason. A white candle will help burn off negative energy during the healing and therefore helps to make the cleansing afterwards easier.

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