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Horoscope For The Week Of August 27th: Love, Passion & Generosity

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by Conscious Reminder

This week of 27th August will be a magical one, especially for relationships. Mars and Venus are coming in contact and moving through the practical sign, Virgo.

Get ready to feel all kind and service-y – you will start engaging with other people and start helping them. Giving more will be your motto.

Don’t think it’s bad or that you will lose yourself. Giving others and generosity is the best way to start a relationship. Remember to accept the kindness of others too.

We are in a world where people are struggling to find both inner and external recognition. When you go out there and tell them that they are needed – you will sprinkle a lot of love on them.

Of course, these are unconditional gifts – there are no strings attached to it. And believe it, not all people have agendas. If you don’t have friends like this, then try to get a better list of friends!

They will find little ways to appreciate and be with you, without trying to get anything in return.

However, you can be kind and give a small token of kindness back. Don’t leave your boundaries though. Reciprocity is the beginning of any relationship.

When Venus comes into Saturn while being in Capricorn’s embrace, you will feel the need for saying No at times.

It will bring a balance in reminding you the No is denying the bad stuff and Yes is for accepting the great opportunities that are coming in your way.

Support different communities which need your support. Don’t just look at them, and their internet details and leave it there. Join them and make a difference.

Uranus, the humane planet, is trying to connect with Taurus and this collaboration will bring out a human side in you.

Plus, on August 26th, Uranus will start companioning with Venus while Wednesday will bring the Mars and Uranus Trine.

It’s a passionate week. But that’s not all, there is the Sun entering the same formation bring its positive rays with it.

Innovation will come to you but don’t keep it to yourself. Spread it out – share it with others. If you want, go plant some trees and make a greener world. Think about how you would like to be treated and then, try to treat someone else in the same way.

Make a difference in another person’s life. Uranus will help you to collaborate with social media so that you can find out more ideas.

You can go to libraries with friends or organize van pools. You can even clean ponds and fight plastic pollution.

August 29 will bring Mercury to Virgo, its home sign where it will stay till 14th September. It’s a way to simplify your life. 30th, on Friday, will have the New Moon which will strengthen Mercury too.

Start by clearing away things that do not bring you any joy. Go minimalistic if you have to. If you are too attached to something, don’t sell it – give it to a friend. You can always take it back.

Give time to yourself and engage in overall wellness. The week is all about meeting with friends, making plans to go out and freshening up with quality air. Make it all work!

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