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The Enlightened Human Has These 4 Spheres Of Consciousness

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by Conscious Reminder

It is popular knowledge that there exist many levels of intertwining consciousness, but to study them all is a massive task in itself. In an attempt to familiarize you with the levels of consciousness, we have taken the following for the sake of clarity and ease:

The Human Focus

This is the human experience of the earth. It is a 3-Dimentional perspective where we are able to see everything but the consciousness that we desire to see and explore. It exists as an extremely dense, sharp, extreme and colorful reality.

Do not mistake this consciousness as the one for the weak, as it is only the bravest of the braves that dare to come and incarnate here. This has many layers of mirroring, learning and cocreation. Mastering it is an achievement of highest order due to the very high dimensional gravity which pulls you back towards it once you try to move to the higher dimensions.

If you limit yourself to just this level of consciousness, then you may limit your perception of the reality; you may forget completely that you are a part of divine; you may forget that you are powerful and give your powers away. Understanding the limits of this dimensions and try to move above the water by meditation is important.

Cosmic Consciousness

In the cosmic level of consciousness, thousands of aspects are open for you. Have you ever had dreams wherein you are flying? Not just on earth but also in the realms near the earth (Astral Realms). You are able to blink in and out of these realms, constantly shifting your realities.

Have you ever had those moments when you try to get up from the sleep but are simply not able to get up? This happens for the reason that you are still in that moment awake in the astral realm. If you make your mind clear and try to remember that you are wandering in the astral realm, then you can teleport anywhere in this universe in an instant.

For this, you need to get into the meditation mode right after you get up from your sleep. With practice, you’ll be able to have memorable experiences right from your bed.

The Lords Of The Flames

At this level of consciousness, individual personalities become crystal clear and at the same time become too impersonal. At this level of consciousness, you are so aware of your own self that you can move in and out of all your personalities smoothly. You can even watch yourself from the third person point of view and thus some say that this consciousness gives you an opportunity to be furthest away from yourself. It may all sound complicated but those who have undergone it know it fully.

The Light Of The All – Pure Consciousness

Have this thought ever crossed your mind that ‘Why are all the deities portrayed by the artists are without clothes?’ Well, the reason for this is simple, because the body itself is the garment of the soul. When you enter this consciousness, you enter the divine realm. You can enjoy the pure infinity of this consciousness. This is the Eye Of Horus. Exploring the levels of consciousness is an amazing experience that almost everyone can have and should have.

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