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7 Steps To Get Over An Impossible Love

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by Conscious Reminder

People usually find it hard to forget a love that is impossible. This love is called impossible as it cannot become a real and stable relationship. This type of love is the one which creates the deepest mourning, while sometimes it will also be the hardest one to forget.

So, as we already mentioned, this type of love is actually not that easy to forget. This love will leave deep marks, as it has not been worn or lived until the crucial moment. However, although you may not forget every single thing, you may process such feelings and set them aside in order to keep going.

Here are the seven tips which will help you to achieve that goal:

1. Define why this love is an impossible one

The distinction between a conflicted or challenging love and the impossible one is significant. The impossible love cannot exist. One typical case which involves the biggest emotional struggles is of a person that loves someone but does not receive love in return. It can be more precise to actually say that an individual loves, and also needs someone, but that someone doesn’t feel in the same way. There are two people in true love, always.

2. Explore your love fantasies

There is the possibility that the struggle to renounce a love that is impossible usually comes from the fantasies which settle down in different cultures. These are, for instance, the “love of life” or also the “half orange.” The idea which comes in your mind about having just one person destined to be your partner will come from those imaginaries.

3. Recognize all negative aspects related to that relationship

Not love, but passion is the one which quickly leads you to idealize situations and people. Sometimes, you will imagine attributes and virtues which your partner does not have, or he or she possesses them in a small measure. In order to dilute such mental images and constructions, it is important to explore the harmful element of the interactions your partner has with you. Discovering certain things about them will definitely make your perspective more realistic.

4. Accept that it will be the time to forget that love finally

This is probably the most challenging step. There is a proof which says that when someone desires to be in a romantic relationship with a person, but that is actually not possible, his or her reactions will be produced in a similar way as the ones which an addict may have during the process of withdrawal. Sometimes, emotional or physical discomfort may be hard to tolerate. Also, the hardest thing to accept during this period will be the existence of dependence which generates deep suffering or feels without powers.

5. Delete memories and links

When you realize that it will be the right time to put that impossible love aside, what you should do next is cut all those bonds which can still remind you of that love. This actually means not to call the person, try new dates, distancing yourself from the friends of your impossible love, or do everything that is in your hands in order to impede contact with him or her. You will also have to delete memories, such as photos, or remove all the gifts you were given.

6. Make changes in the routine, or try new things

After deleting links and memories, it will be the time to begin the new stage. An impossible love probably occupied a great deal of your time, so it is not going to be easy to let go. But, if you prepare yourself for making the change, the things are going to become straightforward and simple. When the moment to say goodbye will come, the period of starting new activities and visiting a new place will also come. 

7. Give yourself more time

A lot of love stories or affairs can leave profound marks, so that marks will not disappear in a natural way, permitting new things which are happening. A love that is impossible will almost always last longer, and it resists not being remembered too. In different cases, that love is something which you cannot get rid of for a day or two. It requires courage, character, and decision. It is also costly, involving some small relapses; however, time is going to help you to release it and forget it.

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