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The Purpose Of Twin Flame Union – Learning Valuable Lessons

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The twin flame connection holds the power to change your perceptions. It is a life-transforming energy which is a subject of misfortunate circumstances. It helps you in overcoming the obstacles of life.

The twin flames are often alienated from each other mostly because both the souls aren’t on the same page of life and awareness. While one has already matured spiritually the other might still be trying to discover them self. This is a result of contrasting spiritualities.

The main objective of the twin flames is to eliminate the differences between both the levels of spirituality between two individuals. This shall help them in attaining exultation and eternal bliss making the relationship stronger.

Once the chase and indifferences are over, both the souls will be able to love unconditionally and fill their inner realms of mind with peace and serenity. And if thought about it deeply, this is why all of us are here. We all are looking for someone who can love us without discrimination and conditions. To receive and give out love with is beyond the earthly boundaries.

It cannot be assured that the twin flame shall only give us positive awareness. Sometimes we also end up finding some of our deep-rooted follies. But it’s always better late than never. To find our personal mistakes and correct is the only ideal way of living life.

Sometimes, it also ends up making us feel non-existent. It gives us existential crisis. We go about our daily lives without even having zeal and enthusiasm to do extraordinary things. And I guess that is how we stop our souls from growing and believing.

The twin flames hold the power to unveil the inner you which had been hiding all along. It will call you out and you, for the first time, will face your truly raw self. It eliminates all the self-disillusions we have about ourselves.

The twin flames fill us with spirituality which is why we are able to resist all the negative energies around us. They also help us in spreading as well as attracting positive energies around us.

After all, it is the law of the universe that whatever you send out to the world will come back to you in a multiplied form.

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