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How To Detect Narcissists When They Act Extra Nice?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There are many obvious traits of a narcissist. They are selfish, they look only after themselves and they don’t care about others.

However, there are certain narcissists who are skilled enough to hide these traits and appear nice. They will show certain signs which will win you over but don’t get fooled by it that easily.

Of course, not everyone is a narcissist who shows these traits but if you find any person displaying such traits – beware. You might have to examine them closely:

1. Family Troubles

Every one of us has problems with our family. We are not perfect and our family isn’t perfect either. However, sometimes nice narcissists will always talk about their family, gossip about their wrongs, and insult each other. And you will be their only ear to pour all this vitriol.

2. They Do Stuff For You

Once they get to know you, they start doing favors for you. They give you things and will go out of their way to help you. They will call it friendship but it is actually their inability to set proper boundaries.

3. They Are Too Revealing

Even our best friends tend to hide certain personal information about them. They reveal them slowly at right moments but even then, they censor some parts of it. We all do. But nice narcissists tend to spill all of their secrets out so that you get to know them properly. They share everything and at all times.

4. Gossiping

Once they spill all their own secrets, they will start spilling out the secrets of others. Gossiping is a common thing for them. Makes you wonder what they might be saying behind your back, doesn’t it?

5. Complaining About Friends

They will complain a lot about their friends. They don’t seem to like certain things about them but they don’t say anything to them. Rather than saying ‘no’ to others, they will come to you and whine about them.

6. Too Competitive

As humans, we like a bit of a challenge. And with challenge comes the competitive spirit. But nice narcissists tend to take the competition a little TOO seriously. They will take it all up a notch and when they lose, they don’t take it kindly. They become really bitter about it.

7. No Criticism

This is probably the easiest way to spot a narcissist. A narcissist can never take criticism – they are always keeping a high-held belief about themselves. So, if you criticize them about anything, they will immediately get angry. So, no one should joke or criticize them, according to their own beliefs.

8. You Cannot Keep Boundaries

They do not want you to keep boundaries. Since they do not have a tendency to keep boundaries, they want you to share the same feeling. If you want private time, they will get really angry. They feel like you have let them down and you have to pay for it.

If you feel a bit uneasy with a person who displays such niceness, then it’s time to get those defenses up. You might be in front of a nice narcissist. Be careful.

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