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The End Of Time: Manmade Linear Destruction

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As knowledge overtakes wisdom and culture surrenders to technology, the end of time is ushered in. The tick-tock world of man made linear time has man rooted on a path of devastation and disconnection. A world where the alarm clock rules and dictates the course of a day. Agendas and day planners set the mood for a success or a failure, dependent always on meeting that deadline. To this one may ask what is time? Could we be wrong? Is there no such thing as a linear time? Is it a big cycle or is it simply the progression of consciousness, ever changing, ever fixed on some thing new?

The third dimensional world is veiled from the recognition of “no time” due to the present perception of time. Realize that the system operates on a very large universal scale, and it will become clearer to those seeking to understand where this information of current time and reality comes from.

To understand yourself as a soul you acknowledge that you have a “now” point, this “now” point is where your consciousness is centered. It is evident that you have a “now” point and inside your “now” point is not considered to be the same as another individuals “now” point. Exist in the “now” and realize that you are fully being and completely conscious, and that your “now” moves and changes from time to time, from moment to moment, from space to sprace . You see a continuity that exists, within this continuity you still see the fact that you are part of a larger whole of many “now” points all around the planet. With this you realize other consciousness “now” moments are life, and with that life they have a placement within the universe and a continuance within the universe, just as you do.

Be aware of your “now” point, once focused on the “now” you allow yourself to open up to your center that is within your own being. Within your own being your light is felt. That light exhibits itself by going forth as a vibration. This light you hold is your communication stream that goes out from you to put together the visions that you will see. The plans, the prospective and goals that will be created from your thoughts, from your “now” point.

This is creation, to understand creation all you have to do is see it as a simple process of moving forward through space. In each layer of space there is a new vibrational frequency a new texture, a new creation, a new manifestation, a new thing that acquires your attention.

In that new space you bring time with you, you are the time carrier, time is waiting for you. In that way only you are the creator of time, because time is your being, time is the “now.” Time is the wave of light that moves though space, and space is the holder of your energy, and time is your energy. Linear time is a screen on which this dream is engaged and playing out, time is a road that never ends. You will only ever get to where you want to go exactly when you are supposed to. You are time, not the clock. The clock is on your time, time was created by you.

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