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11 Ways To Make A Significant Change In The Levels Of Your Vibration

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Raising one’s vibration is a serious thing and has some amazing results. Thus, it pains me when nowadays people talk about it without really understanding what it actually means.

Some even think of it as something supernatural or some made up stuff, but it actually is a part of psychological science.

High Vibrational energy is usually associated with spirituality, being happy all the time, staying away form negativity. But all these are not the causative factors of high vibration, rather they are the results of it.

You can achieve high vibrational energy when you free your soul and psyche from the burdens that put it down. This makes you feel relaxed and positive. The extra energy that you feel with increased vibrational energy comes because now your brain is not involved in useless process of worrying about the past or the future.

If you also want higher vibration, then follow these 11 steps.

1. Perform random acts of kindness

Performing random acts of kindness like helping a tourist find his/her destination, helping an old lady to cross the road, giving up your seat to the needy, etc can help you raise your vibration. Just one random act of kindness every single day can change your life.

2. List the things for which you are grateful, also forgive someone.

Simply listing 3 things for which you are grateful can raise your vibration. Also, let go of your grudges and forgive people who have dome some wrong with you. This makes you kind and gentle. 

3. Do at least one thing that you like.

Performing the activities that you love to do can fill you with immense energy and joy and thus raise your vibration.

4. Enjoy Sunshine

Bathe in sunshine everyday as it helps your psychophysical condition. Sunshine gives you warmth and the positivity to lift your mood and emotional state.

5. Nature walk

It is well known that surrounding yourself with the naturalelements helps to form deeper connections with ourselves. It also helps us realize that we are a part of a larger organic structure. 

6. Always stay close to people whom you love.

When you stay close to the people who care for you and who you want to hug, then your body produces hormones which makes you feel happier. This also makes you feel shielded from the negativity of the outside world. Both these factors result in raising your vibration energy. 

7. Pursue your passion

Pursuing the things that you are passionate about results in increasing your energy and takes you in the state of flow as you are completely immersed in the activity. 

8. Dance

Studies have shown that people who dance to their favourite music have significantly higher vibration energy.

9. Let you blood flow in your veins.

Exercising or practicing yoga regularly results in a better metabolic system and creates a balance between the body and the mind.

10. Eat organic food

Eating organic foods (Vegan) reduces your aggression and increases your happiness. 

11. Smile, Donate, sing and be Creative

Smiling and making other people smile (by donating) can raise your vibration.

These are some of the things that can help you raise your vibration energy.

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