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April New Moon Brings A Lot Of Fortune, But You’ll Have To Work For It

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by Conscious Reminder

On 5th April, the New Moon will be at 15 degrees in Aries. It will square the planet Saturn. This will be a challenging time for most people due to the presence of Saturn, but there’s hope too.

The fixed star Alpheratz will be influencing the moon. Alpheratz is in the Head of the Princess in the Andromeda constellation and it brings a lot of fortune in our lives. All we have to do is be prepared to accept it.

What Does The New Moon Mean?

The New Moon indicates the conclusion of one cycle and pushes us into a new cycle of 28 days. When the Sun is in conjunction with the Moon, there will be a burst of new energy and it gives us the fresh determination to start over again or start something new.

You may have to re-assess some of your old habits and behaviors, as you move forward and discover new things. The New Moon of April will have a major influence on all of us and it will continue till 4th May. So, start some new project, because this will be a fruitful time for fresh beginnings.

The New Moon on April 5 will have the fixed star Alpheratz influencing it. This will be a strong influence and brings a lot of fortune in our lives. However, a conjunction with Saturn will bring challenges in your life. So, you have to prepare yourself well.

Fixed Star Alpheratz

The influence of Alpheratz, the fixed star, on the New Moon is a special one. It delivers freedom, riches, independence and also helps in providing intellect. It also develops harmony between all of us and keeps our relationships intact.

The conjunction of this fixed star with the new moon helps to promote wealth generation. It brings honor and respect from others and you might even get some new friends. However, you must keep in mind that popularity can fade away at any time, so, don’t let it get to your head.

The Andromeda constellation will bring pure thoughts to your mind. It also brings virtue and honor, but may bring up some hidden fears from inside you. You need to confront them and not get discouraged by it. Love with your spouse will get stronger during this period.

New Moon Square Saturn

The New Moon will be squaring Saturn with an orb of about 4°44′. It indicates that some tests might be coming your way so, be prepared. If you are able to overcome it, then you might be looking at a promotion or the happy marriage that Alpheratz promises.

If you are suffering from low-esteem, depression or pessimism, then the new moon in conjunction with Alpheratz will make it worse. Face your inner fears – they are not as strong as you are.

You may be feeling like you have certain responsibilities that are keeping you from succeeding. Try to be determined and develop a work ethic – you can overcome anything.

Asteroid Vibilia

The Asteroid Vibilia has been named so after the Roman Goddess of traveling and journeys. The goddess did not allow people to lose their way.

So, this could be a symbol of a spiritual journey where you get the right guidance to move forward and grow spiritually. It will be a journey of self-discovery and you will be content.


Due to the presence of the fixed star Alpheratz, the new moon is bringing success in all our lives. But it will also square Saturn which will bring some obstacles along the way. You have to strive for your success.

Also, the new moon will assist you become one with your emotions and understand yourself better. Asteroid Vibilia will make your spiritual journey worthwhile – it will help you grow better.

The New Moon in April will be an amazing one. So, be enriched with the fresh energy and start working on something new. You can do it.

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