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Psychic Protection Alternatives For Empaths

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by Conscious Reminder

Empaths are spiritually linked to the cosmic realm and are deeply sensitive beings, making them really special to us for their guidance and vision. However empaths are at a risk from psychic energy attacks, from those that want to harm them and also by those who might possess negative energy. In order to protect themselves, empaths need to do the following:

Connect With Yourself

By nature, empaths are far more in touch with others’ emotions than their own. To protect themselves from harm, empaths should first feel one with their own emotions and energies. They should keep a track of the energy they release in the world and the ones they need to get rid of.

Be healthy and calm

It’s important for an empath to stay mentally and physically healthy to protect themselves. A balanced diet and checking up on the energy expense will do them good. Also they may feel more at ease in the spiritual realm but keep your home in order to feel calm. 

Take care of your energies

Stay away from those who harbor negative energies, also called “energy vampires”. They only care about themselves and suck out energy from others. Empaths must realize that although they feel the emotions of all, it is not their duty to satisfy them.

Clean your living space

It is extremely important to keep the living space clean from all negativity and malicious energies that empaths encounter daily. Aromatherapy and crystal cleaning are effective ways to get rid of negative energies from places you spend most time in. Sage and salts work wonderfully to cleanse the atmosphere of the home and make it healthy.

Most importantly, empaths or not, everyone should apply these techniques to protect their families and households from negative energy. The home is where we spend most of our time, raise our children and rest in. It’s crucial to keep that space healthy.

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