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These Are The 4 Zodiac Signs That The October Full Moon Will Have The Biggest Effect On

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by Conscious Reminder

The full moon will appear on October 24th. It’s a powerful moon and it will bring in some huge changes. All zodiac signs will be affected, but some will be affected the most this time around.

Astrologers say that there will be turmoil in relationships, a bit of drama, and a lot of introspection. There will be unexpected changes. Don’t worry too much, change is good. It’s necessary. But we have to be aware. So here is a guide to the four zodiac signs that will be affected the most:


The full moon will be in Taurus so you can expect a lot of changes coming your way. The light will shine on you. Your changes may come from within. This is the time for trying out something new, bringing in some changes in your life. So, go ahead, start a new relationship or you could finally give up on something old.

But it is clear that you have the strength of the moon on your side. You will be able to express yourself truthfully and bring out your feelings without any hesitation. You will be emotionally strong during this period.


This new moon brings different kinds of adjustments for you, especially in your workplace. You may be experiencing certain drama there. Start by letting it go. We understand how difficult that is, but you are a Leo – you know when you need to be the lion you are inside. Seek your higher goals and purge things that you don’t need– the universe is with you. Grow – don’t stay put and keep resisting inevitable changes.


It may be nearing your birthday, but you must be aware of certain aspects of your life. The cosmos indicates troubles in your relationships. Don’t worry about it – the birthday gift is that they are for the greater good. Evaluate your worth and the worth of the people around you. Many will not be worth the time. You’ll be able to resolve these matters and evolve in relationships.


You must be tired now. The previous months were exhausting for you, emotionally. Now, you get the well-needed break. The past few months must have connected you with home. It’s time to come back.

This moon wants you to heal yourself, connect with your home and spend time on yourself. Cut off from society, take time off from social media and cell phone and replenish your batteries. You need yourself the most in this period.

The full moon brings different changes but if you are one of these signs, be very careful. It will pass but remember to act accordingly. Best of luck – I know you will get right past without a problem.

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