Libra New Moon On October 8th: A Time For New Beginnings

by Conscious Reminder

October is here, and with it, the last quarter of the year. If a sense of accomplishment is setting in because you made it through the entire year, let it.

This year has been all kinds of tumultuous for everyone. There have been big changes that have taken place and there is a lot that we have had to endure, emotionally.

That being said, things are about to get better, with the New Moon of October, in Libra, it is time for new things. The moon is going to be on our side but let me fill you in with everything else that is happening up there.

We know that Libra is ruled by Venus and Venus is doing some pretty good work right now, if you ask me. It is uncovering all that we do not know through Scorpio- and while we are talking about hidden truths, it is imperative that we mention Pluto, is finally out of retrograde and is with Capricorn.

If you have been following the news or read the newspaper daily, you would know that there is a lot of that has been uncovered that has to do with sexual harassment and this makes a lot of sense, since Capricorn is the planet of patriarchy and this is what you would expect if it was in direct contact with Pluto. Let us just say that Pluto always lives up to the title of being the God of the Underworld. Pretty heavy stuff.

From what we can see, there will be more action. On the 5th of October, Venus, that has everything to do with relationships, will go into retrograde and where, you ask? Of course in Scorpio.

This would allow us an opportunity to assess all your relationships. They will be basic but pretty tough questions. You are going to think about your honesty, if you are doing what you need to do, if you are being a good partner and if you are supportive enough. While you think about this, you might get really jealous and territorial as well.

Venus is going to be Scorpio and the jealousy will spew out in insane degrees. This might even lead up to a point where you unknowingly become toxic, so be really careful. Try to handle your emotions and get a grip before they get completely out of control. It will definitely be a tricky time but you will still have some amount of control.

Oh, do you know what a quincunx is? A quincunx is when some planetary bodies who do not share many features connect and it is needless to say that this will make everything around you a little breathtaking, so hold tight! This will also help you find a balance between everything we dream of and everything that we have around us in real life.

There will also be some contact between Neptune and Venus and since Neptune is the planet of everything that has to do with beauty, this connection will serve as a reminder for us to be kinder to ourselves and work on the self love that we all deserve. In fact, let this be the inspiration to start a 30-day self love challenge throughout October- you will find more information about this on Twitter and Instagram.

Lastly, the sun and the moon will make contact and given Pluto’s tendency to work up our concealed emotions, we might feel an upsurge of negative feelings but all of us would have to fight through this and make it a learning process.

Things will not be easy but nothing you cannot handle. Do away with all the negativity before we step into 2019!

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