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Are You Experiencing Advanced Energy Shift Symptoms?

by consciousreminder

Energy shift or ascension as they call it, is basically an increase in the awareness level and vibration energy which creates an obvious shift in the level of consciousness one possesses.

You have to attune yourself with the universal energy to experience this shift in energy level.  These energy shifts are quite natural and you feel you are undergoing a process of evolution.

When the vibration state moves from one energy level to a higher energy level, there are some symptoms on your body and mind to demonstrate that the change is happening inside you.

These changes reboot your system and you feel like a completely changed man. The old patterns are lost and a bunch of new ones are added to your being.  Your body and mind have to accommodate these changes to get to the right wavelength with the universal energy. If you are in the process of awakening, you will experience these changes. The major symptoms of basic energy shift can be listed as below.

-Symptoms on the body can be heavy sweating, feeling of nausea, flu, dizziness and ringing in the ears.

-Your mind also experiences things like forgetfulness and depression.

These symptoms are common for most of the people undergoing ascension. These stay there with people for quite some time; however, the frequency and the time span may be different for different people. So, when they team up, they can help each other while they are at different levels of frequency.

There are some people who have already been through this basic energy shift, are now experiencing a new phase wherein a new batch of advanced energy shift symptoms appears. Some of these symptoms are similar to what they experienced in the basic energy shift, in addition there are some more they experience during this advanced ascension process.

-You feel very much tired as if you lost your balance under medication.

-You experience severe stomach ache and heavy indigestion problems.

-Your eating pattern becomes unpredictable. Sometimes you feel like eating madly beyond your capacity; you simply fill in your stomach. Some other times you don’t feel like eating at all. You lose you control on your appetite.

-Your skin becomes very irritating and you feel like scratching on it all the time.

-Your throat becomes sore.

-Your sleeping pattern also changes drastically. Sometimes you feel like sleeping all the day and some other times you just keep tossing and turning on the bed; you are not able to sleep even 4 hours at a stretch.

-Inertia takes full control over you. You do not feel like doing anything, just prefer to stay idle. You feel demotivated.

-You generally feel awkward. For no obvious reason, you look sad. Even if there are moments of happiness, you keep a long face and feel dejected all the time.

With so many afflictions, this energetic shift which grows over a period of linear time leaves a drastic impact on your body. It is really very difficult to absorb its impact all at once. Even if it is taken phase wise, it is not easy on the body. However, with the passage of time, we develop the feeling of absorbing it slowly. That is, the progress gives us the courage to continue with it.

This has been observed however that if you continue with the symptoms of basic energy shift over a longer period, say four years or so, the body takes it well and the symptoms greatly subside. So even if there is advanced energy shift ensuing, you do not feel the punch. The severity level is adjusted over a longer period. This is a more recommended way to take it at slower pace instead of getting hit in few months only.

Faster the process, deterioration on the body is seen on a larger scale. That way the severity level becomes very high. People have reported suffering from migraines. There are other symptoms also and in totality people feel extremely weak. This could be possible because of loss of vital minerals and vitamins from their body. This is not at all advisable and needs immediate help. They should maintain their body good enough to do at least their daily work. You can have heavy sweating and increase in body temperature but if you are able to keep your body cooler through some means, the intoxication in your body is very much reduced and you feel comfortable and relaxed. There are even no relapses of these sufferings.

The feeling of heavy tiredness also is limited to some period, say a couple of months or so when you really do not feel like doing anything. However, when this gets over, you feel energized to do more things.

The stomach upset is a severe symptom you experience during advanced energy shift. You feel like there is an explosion in your stomach and it is very difficult to bear the pain. It possibly might have been initiated because of some food you took. But you cannot simply absolve yourself from the responsibility of eating it knowingly. It is said that apart from the poison of bad food in your stomach, some sort of negative feelings like anger etc are also stuck to the stomach wall. The nervous plexus i.e. the bunch of radiating nerves situated at the bottom of the stomach is also adversely affected. However, when you are through it, you feel greatly relieved.

One big symptom of advanced energy shift is that your food patterns become very unpredictable. Even if you were strict on diet, this time you feel like losing all control over your eating habits. Instead of restricting yourself to food that is good for you, you simply don’t care and eat what you want.

You do not care about the nature of food and you also do not worry much on the quantity you take. It may be high fat or high protein food; it may even be a strange combination of food, you simply do not care. You go for food as much as you like or you can accommodate. Food becomes an obsession for you. As long as you feel happy about your eating you simply do not care what people think about it.

In fact, it has been seen that during such energy shift symptoms, you feel better to move to your choice food instead of restricting to diet food. This reduces the shift symptoms too over a period of time. There may be some but they are definitely to a lesser degree.

Though there are many energy shift symptoms, they are not applicable to everybody. People are seen to have different symptoms and of varying degrees. It is just that you may have one but at such a low frequency that you do not even notice it. The upkeep of your body and general health conditions also play a role on the severity level.

Your food habits also determine the severity level. If you generally take healthy food, the symptoms will be less severe than on people who prefer eating junk food. You must love your body and take care of it well.

All said and done, it is all for taking you to the higher level of energy. The sufferings you had mentally and physically, you have taken them in the right spirit for your purpose to move on to a greater energy state.

So what if you had to suffer a little bit? It’s worth it and after all these sufferings you very well deserve this ascension.

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I’m home sick with everything mentioned in this article… when was this written?

Akash April 28, 2020 - 7:50 pm

I don’t feel the same

Akash April 28, 2020 - 7:51 pm

I also feel the same shit i just type something awkward 🤦‍♂️


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