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Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse On January 31st 2018 Marks The End Of A Powerful Month

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by Conscious Reminder

January kick started 2018 by bringing a lot of strong cosmic energies. A Supermoon marked the first day of the year opening a strong 11:11 portal, followed by a New Moon on January 17th, just to wrap up the month with a Blue Moon and a Lunar Eclipse on January 31st. 

The 31st January’s Lunar Eclipse is at 11° Leo. The moon is very closely aligned with Ceres and that is where most of its effects are derived from.

The Moon is the ruler of traditional women and feminine qualities whereas the Ceres is what drives the liberal and independent modern women. With this combination, this lunar eclipse will bring in increased awareness especially about women who are working and single mothers. Topics such as maternity leave, custody rights etc will be brought into light.

The lunar eclipse is another instance of Sun opposite Moon, but stronger.  Intimate relationships, home and family life are brought into the center of attention. When the moon is entirely blotted out, it acts as a sort of reset for your emotional state. You would be able to let go of all residual and repressed feelings that you have been harboring.

The Astrology

The lunar eclipse is at 11°37’ Leo. Owing to the equinoxes which preceded it, it will be in the constellation of Cancer. The Leo sign lies on two stars of this constellation, one on the claws and the other on the shell. This arrangement makes it more viable to call it a Cancer Lunar eclipse rather than Leo Lunar.

One thing is certain; it will be a very strong eclipse for sure. Cancer is the ruler of home life, mothers and housework. This Eclipse will boost the motherly instinct and caring nature. Ceres, a minor planet is going to be right next to the moon. Just like moon regulates the emotions, mood and motherly instincts, Ceres is responsible for reproductive problems in females and harvest and the environment.

Conjunct Ceres

As mentioned above, the moon is responsible for the traditional motherly duties and nurturing habits. Ceres on the other hand is more in support of modern motherhood and nurturing, such as single mothers. Many issues regarding modern motherhood specially related to single parents would be brought to the limelight.

Not just the social and cultural restrictions which they face by denying the traditional system of parenting with a partner. The political aspect of the debate would also be brought to the fore, such as policies made by conservative governments which are unjust to the single parents.

This eclipse would be about finding harmony between these two polar opposites of nurtures and providers as they come together and take on each other’s roles.

Quincux Neptune

This might add to the overall feeling of being overwhelmed by your emotions. It can lead to a build-up of conflicting feelings and unless they are resolved they would end up in a really messy state. The only two options left would be either a complete meltdown or an escape from it all.

To Sum It Up

This lunar eclipse would all be about the problems and discrimination faced by people who opt for unconventional methods of motherhood. The age old polarities of nurturer and provider will also be questioned as working mothers and stay at home dad’s blur those boundaries every day.

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