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The Mysterious Ancient Pyramids Of Bosnia

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by Conscious Reminder

There’s been plenty of literature and conversation around pyramids and even now we have not stopped discovering pyramids around the world.

Years of study have revealed that enormous pyramids were built more than ten millennia ago during the Atlantic Period. These are located on a grid of the world and the prime meridian passes through the Cheops Pyramid in Egypt.

They also contain cryptic codes which use a system of mathematics which is not at all similar to what we are used to today.

The knowledge and skill required for building these enormous pyramids were forgotten over the ages and the ones built later could not even imagine rivaling their predecessors in size.

We tend to think of pyramids as belonging only to the Egyptians and the Middle Americans but they exist worldwide even if they don’t exactly fit the commonly accepted description of pyramids.

For example, there are many tall pyramids in China which were veiled in secrecy for centuries. Not much is known about these tall pyramids even today. Similarly, tall pyramids were found in Indonesia and even in West Java, completely obscured by vegetation.

Bosnia’s pyramids first came to the modern world’s attention in 2005 from Visoko. The amount of fauna and grime covering them is indicative of their great age and they are doubly important because they actually rival the size of the pyramids in Gaza.

They are also a sign that a great civilization flourished in that region of which we know next to nothing. Many scientists refused to recognize them as pyramids but they are now being proven wrong as more and more proof is unearthed that these pyramids were constructed artificially.

In ages past, the entrances to the pyramids in Bosnia and the tunnels surrounding them were blocked using stones and mud. Later on, they were completely sealed off which would have taken a lot of hard work. This indicates that everything within them is still lying there waiting to be found.

Modern Archaeology has expanded its scope far beyond what it used to be. In the past, it was dominated by only those without open minds who were quick to reject any proof that suggested something different from their own ideas of what human history was like.

They believe that human beings in the olden days were ignorant and uncivilized and this belief is region specific. The pyramids of Bosnia offer a wonderful argument against these beliefs. They prove that civilizations with immense technological skill were very much present as far back as ten thousand years ago.

They are being excavated and studied by scientists with broader horizons and laymen who contribute with concepts that are different from the norm. Their work has only just begun and it is exciting to think about how it will change the world.

How old are these pyramids?

A stalagmite over 5000 years old was discovered in the Rave tunnel indicating the tunnel fell into disuse during that period. The tunnel must have been built much earlier.

Soil covers most of the pyramids and the State Institute for Agropedology has determined that it is around 12,000 years old.

The Moon Pyramid in Bosnia has a paved terrace which radiocarbon dating by the Silesian Institute of Technology, Gliwice, has proved is more than ten thousand years old, give or take a few centuries. These pyramids were then built well before any of the others discovered so far.

A log was discovered in one of the tunnels ten years ago. Testing showed that it is between 30,0000 – 35,000 years old. While excavating the Sun Pyramid, the team discovered some organic material immediately below the top layer. When dated, tests showed that it is over 24,000 years old.

Whereas this set of structures is over 12,000 years old, there are other discoveries which might be from other civilizations which settle in that area later.

So far archaeologists have unearthed the Sun, the Moon, the Dragon, the Earth and the Love pyramids. These have really served to change the way the scientific community perceive the region and its history.

An important lesson has been learned about approaching history with an open mind and letting go of preconceived notions when evidence proves otherwise. It is truly intriguing to think about all we can learn from this phenomenal discovery.

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