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15 Things That Can Happen In A Relationship That Are Worse Than Cheating

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Breaking up can be pretty horrible, but sometimes it’s actually a saving grace — especially when circumstances get out of hand.  What constitutes “out of hand?”  Good question.

Keep reading to discover 15 things that can happen in a relationship that are worse than breaking up.

They never seem to appreciate you.

No matter how many extra miles you put in, they go unnoticed. Your partner is meant to be there to make you feel special, and you for them. When that’s missing, you’re not in a relationship. You’re just stuck with someone who really needs to be far away.

They’re fake in public.

When this person isn’t who they really are around other people, this is a caution sign. They aren’t comfortable enough with themselves to act like themselves, so when you’re in public, it’s like you’re with someone else entirely. You’re dating two people, and only one of them is worth putting up with.

They walk away from arguments.

Arguing in a relationship can be healthy, as long as it’s handled correctly. But the argument needs to hit its appropriate beginning, middle and end — otherwise, it’s just going to be a problem. When they walk away, they’re walking away from the solution, which is making the situation that much worse than it already was.

When they eat your last bite of food.

You have literally manicured that last bite. You saved the best piece of this, the best part of that and you saved it all for that perfect final bite. Then, what does this b*tch do? This b*tch swings in and noms that delectable wonder. What a terrible soul this human of yours has.

They lie when it’s convenient.

The issue doesn’t even have to be particularly serious, but this lover of yours just lies like it’s their job. What’s terrible about this is that little white lies only make the big, dark lies all the harder to notice. You’re living with a snake.

They don’t trust you.

No matter what you do, what you say or how are you try to convince them otherwise, they always assume you’re lying to them. They think you’re cheating. They think you’re doing something behind their back. If they never give this up, then you need to reevaluate your relationship, stat.

They prefer the “Star Wars” prequels over the original trilogy.

This is disgusting, purely and simply. If ever there was a way to root out the infestation of demons on this planet, it’s asking someone which “Star Wars” movie is their favorite. This’ll save you a lot of time.

They’re always boring as hell.

They don’t have a unique bone in their body. Day after day, they slump through life like boring sheep in a herd of likeminded mammals. Everything about them is predictable and unchanging, and they show no signs of ever wanting to change.

They never pay attention to you.

When your partner is more interested in their computer or phone than being with you, then you need to rethink your situation. This person obviously isn’t feeling whatever it is or isn’t you two have. There are people out there who will definitely give you the time of day. Maybe give them a shot instead.

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