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5 Signs That Your Strong Personality Is Intimidating Others

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Have you been told often about your personality being intimidating?

Most of the time people judge you with no knowledge about you or your life. Your personality is strong and tough because of all the harsh experiences you had to go through in the past. You need not bother about pleasing others. Be yourself.

Having experienced a lot of ups and downs in both personal and professional fronts, it has hardened your personality, making you strong and independent. People get intimidated because you aren’t soft and sweet.

You are often misunderstood by others, coming across as rude and arrogant. People fail to see that you are genuine and caring. Intimidating ones are always sweet and loving inside. The following are a few common characteristics of intimidating people:

1. They hate small talk

You don’t enjoy taking part in small talks. Deep stimulating conversations are more your thing. Meaningless conversations about weather and petty gossip fail to engage you. It annoys you honestly.

2. No tolerance for willful ignorance

You are wise and intellectual. Although intimidating, you are very open-minded and so you cannot excuse judgmental people. You just cannot understand how someone can be so ruthlessly judgmental about things and people they have no idea about. Unnecessary judgments stem from ignorance. One needs to educate oneself to refrain from passing baseless remarks. However those who choose to stay ignorant, you tend to avoid them for your own sanity.

3. You see opportunities in situations more than others

Since you are open-minded, you see opportunities in situations that others overlook. This attitude helps you achieve great things in life and also toughens you up for whatever life may throw at you. You view every situation with so much positivity and determination that your sheer dedication brings you accolades. However, this may also attract jealousy and anger from others, since you continue to overthrow them. Neither do they work hard on their jobs, nor do they feel happy in others’ happiness.

4. You focus on solutions instead of problems

Strong and determined people focus on their priorities and concentrate on getting things done. They don’t dwell on problems and troubles as they know it won’t sort things out. They also can’t tolerate those who obstruct their progress and plans. They concentrate on how to untangle the mess they’re in and this is a key reason why they’re so successful in life. They have no tolerance for people who keep on whining and complaining about their lives being unfair but don’t put in any effort to make it better.

5. You are honest and trustworthy

You value honesty a lot. You never hesitate to speak your mind. You know that your honest words might cause problems or hurt others, but you still choose to be correct. It might seem rude but you know it’s the right thing to do. You cannot sugarcoat things and tell people what you feel directly on their faces. You keep your promises and never lie to those who are close to you. Your personality makes you selective regarding friends. You cannot be comfortable and friendly with just about anybody. You absolutely hate liars and manipulative people.

If you can relate to these points or know someone who is exactly like this, then you should understand that strong-willed people might seem scary and intimidating but they’re not ruthless at heart. They are caring, sweet and helpful inside. It’s their worldview that has made their approach so fierce. They are unabashedly honest and so have no tolerance for those who speak lies and spread misleading information. Dishonest people annoy them to great extents.

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