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Keeping Your Chakras Aligned And Balanced Is Crucial

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by Conscious Reminder

The healing of one’s soul is taken care of by the Divine Spirit. Someone who needs healing will be drawn to the healer’s aura.

We need to focus on our energy, heal our chakras. It settles any kind of hormonal imbalance, strengthens our organs, makes us immune to diseases and cleanses our aura.

Once you start balancing your chakras, they notify you about whom to work with and tell you the ways:

Chakra Healing:

If it suits you, concentrate on one chakra at a given time for 10 minutes. Visualize the chakra happy, shining with light and steeped in its assigned color.

Don’t be hasty. Dharya is very important for this to work. In order to be grounded, the root chakra, the base of the spine has to be made strong.

If you wish to balance your work life, concentrate on swadish than chakra. It is focused in a triangle shape just below the navel.

In order to receive knowledge and wisdom, focus on manipur chakra that lies above the navel.

The Anahat chakra, heart, is what you should concentrate on for boundless love.

The throat chakra, known as vishuddhi chakra, guides one to speak the truth. It’s balanced in good speakers.

The intuitive power is strengthened by the agya chakra or the third eye.

The crown chakra known as sahasrar chakra is the most important one as it links you with all the energies of the Universe.

Slowly start to bring balance in your chakras. It will eventually lead to harmony in your life and thus every conflict and disturbances will settle down.

If you keep your chakras healthy, then chakras of others around you will eagerly form bonds with you. You will also be able to identify the flaws of others by analyzing your chakras.

You might be able to mirror those before you. This process helps you shed the burden and help you be free and spontaneous.

Keep concentrating on doing better and eventually good vibes will enter your life. Don’t remain stagnant, keep growing.

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