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The Cosmic Activities Of September And How They Will Affect Your Life

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by Conscious Reminder

The balancing beams of Libra are approaching. And with the help of Venus, it will make us focus on appearances.

Be careful of not only your words but also the tone of those words. Here’s a day by day guide for the cosmic activities of the month and how you can best navigate them.

The Pisces Full Moon On 13th September

The first lunar event of the month asks you to open up your heart to love. The manifestation of love will be important. Whenever we have a Full Moon shining in the sign of Pisces, it enhances our compassion. Our love becomes devoid of all expectations. We freely express our love. Pisces adds the quality of infiniteness to this love.

Mercury Transits Into Libra On 14th September

This is the best time to try visual communication. What you usually express in writing or speaking is best expressed in paintings, drawings, or even photographs in the second week of September. The lesser words you use, the better.

Venus Transits Into Libra On 14th September

Venus will bless us with beauty and grace as it transits Libra. You will be able to maintain a cooperative attitude which will see you through dominating situations. Libra helps you perfect your balancing skills as you learn to work in partnerships or in teams.

Saturn Turns Direct On 18th September

After being in Retrograde motion for nearly 5 months, Saturn will be turning Direct. The time for thoughts come to an end and you’ll be asked to take action. Remember your promises to the self and work on them too.

Jupiter-Neptune Square On 18th September

This particular square will challenge us to accept different perspectives. Resolve the tensions clashing between various personal truths and reality. Direct your energy on the similarities we all share, instead of focusing on our differences.

The Sun Shifts To Libra On 23rd September

Libra season is here! Utilize Libra’s interior decorating powers to redecorate your personal life. Be it a major change like shifting houses or something small like rearranging your bookshelf, get moving. This will help the positive energies flow freely and make things look more aesthetic!

Libra New Moon On 28th September

A new moon with its new cycle helps us start new things. Best time to leave your negative habits for better and positive ones. This would be a good time to take stock of the external troubles. When you start to own your projections, you will notice how it brings about positive change.

So be prepared to enjoy the month and take all necessary precautions. Happy September!

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