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The Soul Exchanges: Who And What Are The Walk-Ins?

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The Walk-Ins / Soul Exchanges

The concept of a Walk-In is somewhat similar to Starseeds. A Walk-in is a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and been replaced with a new soul.

This soul exchange takes place voluntarily for many reasons, usually when the original soul is experiencing physical, mental or emotional difficulty with it’s current life incarnation and wishes to depart without physical death.

In order to do so, another soul must volunteer to come in and exchange places with the host soul. The walk in theory should not be confused with “possession”

The contract of exchange between the host soul wishing to depart and the soul willing to walk-in takes places on a spiritual/cosmic level. The actual exchange commonly takes place during a traumatic event or accident in the original souls’ life, or during an unconscious state of mind.

Once the walk-in occurs the new soul becomes “the conscious blueprint” of the original, retaining all memories and life experiences as if nothing had ever happened. Like starseeds, the walk-in soul usually originates from a 4D or higher dimensional level, although the 4D is the most common since it’s vibration is closer to the 3D vibration and the “adjustment” can take place more easily.

It’s possible that some walk-ins may have already had incarnations on the 3D earth plane. Instead of leaving the earth plane vibration upon physical death, a soul may choose to roaming on earth through the walk-in process.

Most walk-ins occur during adulthood, but when an earlier exchange does takes place it is usually because the walk in soul needs the experience of childhood for various reasons.

Once the walk-in soul has become incarnate in the host vehicle (body), the original soul inhabiting the body departs and is brought to a place where it’s life may be reviewed, discussion over the souls decision to leave the earth plane, and guidance may be given regarding the next incarnation.

In the original host body the new walk in soul usually retains no memory that such an event has just taken place, but it is possible for them to recover fragmented memories of their previous existence, or current purpose for incarnating.

The new soul/individual is still the “same person” they were before. There sometimes may be a sudden change of interests or in personality after the walk-in occurs due to the “new vibration” of the host body.

This can explain why after an accident or traumatic situation an individual can sometimes exhibit a new behavior or characteristics. There may even be a sudden change of interests and goals and maybe even a new outlook on life or change in direction or purpose.

Walking the Soul Path

Similar again to the starseeds, the walk-ins that have originated from somewhere other than earth may have volunteered or been asked to incarnate in order to assist in some way.

Perhaps it was the original souls destiny or life plan in order to achieve a specific goal or complete a mission, but due to it’s inability, difficulty or decision to leave, the new soul may be taking on this new role for itself.

The new soul may have a similar life path/goal/mission that it would like to complete and the originals souls physical life circumstances may make completing this goal or task much easier.

The best advice for a walk in is to try and remember who they are and why they have chosen to come in. They most likely have a mission or something they must achieve or experience while in the body. As the year 2012 approaches us and the new age emerges, the walk in may likely “wake up” to this reality.

Getting in touch with their inner-self and exploring various forms of meditation, deeper awareness, trance, self hypnosis or dream work may help both walk in and starseeds to re-member who they are, why they are here, and what it is that they are meant to do or be while they are here.

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