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Lemurian Souls And The Long Lost Continent Of Lemuria

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by Conscious Reminder

Due to communication between different planets, an amalgamation of forces can be seen in humans. There are certain forces which are impeccable and primal.

Attributes of Lemurian Soul

There are some indispensable characteristics which the Starseeds or old souls have in them and only this differentiates them from the rest. They follow their instincts and this leads in the progression of their character.

Lemuria in Old Times and Lemurians

Lemuria consisted of Hawaii, Fiji islands, some parts of Madagascar, Easter Islands and tiny parts of British Columbia, floating in Pacific Ocean. Lemurians had supernatural powers through which they discovered the road to fifth dimension world. Not only that, they had the ability to move between third, fourth and fifth dimension world according to their own will. Their knowledge was boundless; it could be tagged as a grassroots movement. They carried out and completed extraordinary ventures but all these stopped as soon as Lumera was captured by villainous army.

Lemuria: the beginning

Considered as the motherland, Lemuria gave birth to many other civilizations including the Atlantis. Somehow the way of thinking of Lemuria crashed with every other civilization and fights occurred. Wars, at the end of the day only brought out negativity.

The Disaccord

The difference was based on devotional beliefs. Lemurians did not believe into forceful spiritual conversions. They believed people should be free to choose their own will about devotional beliefs; whereas Atlantis believed in leading other weak civilizations by winning them with force. War began.

Lemurians were devastated by thermo-nuclear blast. Only after the tragic effects both of the civilizations opted for a devotional break to repair the damage that inflicted their mind.


Clairvoyants prophesied about Lemurians and there Renaissance, or Rebirth. They will lead the whole world with their devotional beliefs. It seems this prophecy is turning into reality.

People from different beliefs, faith are rising with Lemurian characteristics. Soon their beliefs will be prevalent among others. We need to show a little more affection, trust and provide support to bring them back.

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