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7 Laws Of Shiva Karma By Lord Shiva That’ll Change Your Life

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Lord Shiva which is a ‘Hindi’ term has originated from a beautiful concept of E + Shav = Shiva (Shav = Dead, and E = Energy). It means when energy flows into the dead body; it starts to live, hence called as Shiva. Which only denotes, we’re all born Shivas.

Shiva, the most important God in Hinduism and the crucial one in the trinity of BrahmaVishnu, and Mahesh (another name of Shiva) who represent CreationPreservation, and Destruction respectively. Shiva is a destroyer, not only the destroyer of the establishment when the judgment day comes but also the destroyer of misery and hurdles in life.

It is not me who is saying this, but everything which you’ll read in this story is an excerpt from a beautiful mythological book, ‘Dev Se Mahadev’ by author Aakash Kailash Vijayvargiya. 

Coming from a renowned political background in Indore, India, Aakash read the entire ‘Shivpuran’ to understand Shiva as religion, which is known as ‘Shiva Dharma’. He also researched well on the counterpart of mythology, science, to connect them both and bring in forth a concept which helps people understand different types of laws of ‘Shiva Karma’ to follow in their lives to attain the highest form of existence.

Have a look! 

#1 Truth

The first law of Shiva Karma is the truth. This law asks the followers to follow the path of truth, justice and being true to themselves and those who are around. Remember the dishonesty, and false deeds may prevail the small battles, but the truth always wins the war.

#2 Knowledge is God.

A single person cannot possess the knowledge of everything, but everyone may possess the knowledge of something. We should find that seed of knowledge within us, and then do all our karma around it.

#3 Everything is an illusion.

No matter what life you’re living, at what place you are; if your happiness depends on the materialistic things you own, then happiness is an illusion for you, and it’ll be gone with that thing. The third law of Shiva Karma asks believers not to attach their happiness to earthly things.

#4 Beyond happiness.

The world we’re living in is growing more self-obsessed. Everyone is worried about their happiness and doesn’t care if people around them are happy or not. However, the real happiness is beyond limits, and it could be felt only when we have found the seed of knowledge within us, and we’re truthful with others and ourselves. Remember, happiness comes from within, not outside.

#5 Be formless.

If you may have noticed a happy person around you, you’ll see that the illusion does not control them. You put them in any situation at any place; they’ll be the same calm and content in their mind. So, the fifth and one of the most fundamental laws of Shiva Karma is practising to be formless like water.

#6 Using all your senses.

When our mind is at peace with heart, and we walk on the path of self-realisation, all our senses come together to work in proper synchronisation. When you achieve this state in your physical form, the feeling you get is incomparable.

#7 Enlightenment is awakening.

With these laws of Shiva Karma, you achieve the enlightenment. The highest form of existence for a human. In this state of mind, you attain self-realisation along with the proper understanding of nature and reality.

About the Author of the book, Aakash Kailash Vijayvargiya. Aakash shares that “Shiva Dharma is not a religion, but the way of life. It’s a process to attain everything that you ever need in your life.”

To spread the awareness among people and promote the positive way of life in India, Aakash is working day and night on the concept of reciting ‘108 Om Chants’. Despite busy political schedules, Aakash takes out time to visit at least one ‘Om Chant’ event every single day without a miss, where people from all walks of life come together and meditate.

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